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What Does the Planets say about Wipro’s Future?

What Does the Planets say about Wipro’s Future?

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational IT consulting and outsourcing service company located in Bangalore. It has 145,000 employees with a footprint in 54 countries. Wipro is the third biggest IT services provider in India. Its subsidiary, Wipro Enterprises Ltd., offers consumer care, lighting, healthcare, and infrastructure engineering. The company was established in 1945 by Mohamed Hasham Premji as Western India Vegetables Products Limited, manufacturing vegetable ghee and refined oils in Maharashtra. In 1966, after Mohamed Premji’s death, his son Azim Premji, then just 21, took over as chairman of the company. Under his brilliant aegis, Wipro has turned into the immensely successful multinational IT company that it is today.


Astrological observations and predictions
In the Natal chart of Wipro, there is an auspicious combination of Swagruhi Saturn, Swagruhi Mars and exalted Moon. But Sun, which is the Lord of the Destiny House, is in its Sign of debilitation Libra and also forms a negative combination with Rahu in this Kundali.
What Next ?
Now, Ganesha considers the currently transiting planets to predict the way ahead for Wipro Limited. Ganesha notes that on 12th July 2014, the feared shadow planet of Rahu (the North Node) shall begin its transit through the Zodiac Sign Virgo, and simultaneously Ketu (the South Node) shall move to the Zodiac Sign Pisces. This major planetary trasit shall bear an impact on Wipro Limited’s Horoscope and thus fortunes too. Owing to this very transit, the vital areas of production capacity, monooly, fixed assets, brand name, relations with employees etc. shall be affected, as the Houses signifying these aspects are getting affected in Wipro Limited’s Horoscope.
Thus, Ganesha advises the investors dealing in Wipro Ltd. scrips to be careful of this factor, as this scrip’s overall growth may get affected slightly adversely, owing to Rahu-Ketu transit and effects.
Also, in November 2014, the mighty Saturn shall move its current position to start its transit through the Zodiac Sign Scorpio. This will be another major planetary movement, and its effects will make investing in the Wipro Ltd. scrips quite risky, especially during the period between 19/08/2014 to 03/09/2014. Thus, Ganesha advises the fresh investors to stay away from this scrip during this period.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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