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Pi Cryptocurrency Future: Worth Your Time & The Hype?

Pi Cryptocurrency looks like the next big trend to capture the interest of the Cryptocurrency community, even before it has completely released. Some users see it as a means to get involved in the Cryptocurrency world from scratch and benefit in the future, just like Dogecoin.

Now, it is natural to have some questions about this new, supposedly promising cryptocurrency: If and when the blockchain technology is developed and is fully utilised? The PI wallet balances are expected to be honoured when Pi Cryptocurrency transfers to the mainnet from the testnet.

In that case, whether you should invest in Pi Cryptocurrency in 2021 or add it to your portfolio, you’ll have to hold your breath because the info is not out yet to trade on any of the Cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms. Even though Pi Network was launched on 14 March 2019, the first official value and Phase 3 are expected to make a public appearance in December 2021, which is estimated to be between $1 and $3 per coin.

Once Phase 3 launches, Pi Cryptocurrency 2021 holders will have the upper hand as they’ll be able to take complete control of their private and public wallet keys and exchange them for fiat currency by means of a coin to buy products and services at the peer-to-peer market of Pi. Users cannot transfer or spend their cash without the keys. To prevent false accounts from generating coins, Pi cannot be transferred during the trial stage.

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The Pi phone app works as a Cryptocurrency bag, which is linked to your Facebook or phone number. Like other public blockchains, the Pi blockchain allows external wallets to keep and deal with Pi currencies by directly transacting the blockchain.

Like how a new user needs an invite to use the new app, Clubhouse, similarly, the new users of Pi Network can only join in if they have a referral code from another existing user.

Since Pi Crypto 2022 is the most sizzling topic to discuss, many Cryptocurrency followers and observers may have started to predict the launch date or the value of Pi Cryptocurrency.

Let’s look at the planetary position of the solar charts of both Pi Net and Pi Cryptocurrency for the utmost accuracy.

Solar Chart Of Pi Network :

Pi Crypto Kundali

As per the solar chart of Pi Net, the Aquarius ascendant is there. The fierce Sun is in Aquarius Sign. The first planet, Mercury, is in the last sign; Pisces. The red planet; Mars is in the fire sign, Aries. Moon is in the Taurus sign. The shadow planet, Rahu, is in the Gemini sign, whereas planet Ketu is in Sagittarius along with Saturn. The largest planet Jupiter is in Scorpio Sign. Lastly, Venus is in Capricorn Sign. Moving forward from Pi Net to the launch date’s event chart.

Pi Crypto Launch Date Kundli

As per the solar chart of Pi Cryptocurrency launch date, it is a couple of months down the line for the Pi Network to make a show. And when it comes, Pisces ascendant is going to be there. Planet Mars & Rahu are in Taurus Sign. Planet Moon is in the Cancer sign. Planet Ketu is in the Scorpio sign. Planet Sun & Venus are in Pisces Sign. Planet Saturn & Jupiter are in the Capricorn sign. Planet Mercury is in the Aquarius sign.

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Talking about the current transits, the planets Sun & Venus are transiting in the twins’ Gemini Sign. Planet Mars is transiting in the crab sign; Cancer. Planet Mercury & Rahu are transiting in Taurus Sign. Planet Ketu is transiting in Scorpio Sign and to accompany next door is planet Saturn transiting in retrograde motion in Capricorn Sign. Following is the enormous planet Jupiter going in retrograde motion and transiting in Aquarius Sign.

Now that we have an understanding of both charts, what does it mean for the Pi Cryptocurrency? Let’s see.

To know if indeed Pi Cryptocurrency is the next Bitcoin, one should know some key features:

  • Works on mobile phone
  • Secure, non-counterfeit-able, and interoperable digital money
  • Easy to use security at scale, without the electrical waste

As per the solar chart of Pi Cryptocurrency, launch date & current transit retrograde Saturn is transiting on planet Jupiter (Lord of the 1st & 10th house) & Saturn (Lord of the 11th & 12th house). Retrograde Jupiter is transiting on Mercury (Lord of the 4th & 7th house). Planet Rahu is transiting on planet Rahu & Mars.

Planet Ketu is transiting on planet Ketu. Planet Mars is transiting on planet Moon. On 11 October 2021 at 07:48 am, the planet Saturn will change its motion from retrograde to direct; on 18 October 2021 at 11: 01 am, the planet Jupiter will change its motion from retrograde to direct after 18 October 2021 for Pi Cryptocurrency time will be very best. So as per situations of all these, Pi Cryptocurrency can be the next Bitcoin.

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