NHPC’s IPO will offer long-term value to investors

The much-awaited IPO of state-run power company National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) is expected to hit the market in the first week of September. Though the price band of the IPO has been fixed at Rs 30-36, analysts see the listing between Rs 42 and Rs 43, regardless of market conditions.

NHPC is the first in a series of public sector companies that have been lined up for disinvestment by the government. With an installed capacity of 5,200 MW generated from 13 of its hydro power plants, the company plans to increase its generation capacity to 11,000 MW by 2012.

As per the data available on the NSE website, NHPC IPO was subscribed to 23.74 times, more than what was expected, when the market closed on August 12.

With a plethora of power IPOs open to investors like Adani Power and Indiabulls Power, will NHPC’s public issue boost investor confidence in the primary market, especially after the bubble burst in 2008 with the Reliance Power issue? Ganesha takes a look:

Astro Analysis

Any imbalance in the interplay of the below stated forces can result in



NHPC’s Birth Chart:


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Sun is posited in the 1st House of NHPC’s birth chart. Moreover, Sun, being the Lord of the 11th House, is debilitated in Libra as well as exalted in Navmansha. Rahu is posited in the 1st House and Gemini is placed in Navmashma.

Rahu under affliction yields unfavourable results. It produces tendencies of indiscipline and discontentment among workers, which can affect the company’s standing. Workers, frustrated because of the company’s apathy towards their financial woes, may resort to protests. Detractors in the management may instigate employees to take advantage of the situation.

With Mercury being bhagyesh and vyaesa in the 1st House, the IPO is expected to attract long-term foreign institutional investors. A well-placed Mercury under benefic aspects in the 1st House yields favourable results in the field of trade and commerce. The workforce becomes cooperative and is willing to settle its differences.

Moon, being karmesha, is posited in the 3rd House. With Moon posited in Taurus Navmansha, the IPO may yield favourable returns. But, as Moon is in its second pada in Mula constellation, returns on your investment in NHPC’s IPO may get affected.

The position of Moon in the 3rd House is generally considered fortunate. It enhances the communication skills of the reporting staff. The management and the workers enjoy healthy and cordial relations. An afflicted Moon inflames tendencies of discontentment among employees.
Jupiter, Lord of the 6th House, is posited in its own House in Revti Constellation in Capricorn Navmansha. In the natal chart of NHPC, Jupiter is the Lord of the 3rd and the 6th House. A well-aspected Jupiter yields benefic results. The work culture improves and the company registers sizeable increase in output. The management shows magnanimity towards its employees by raising their salaries and other benefits. Over all, a congenial environment prevails in the organisation.

Ketu is posited in the 7th House. The position of Ketu in the 7th House is considered unfavourable as it causes contraction of business activities, results in a paucity of resources and slumps in the production. Profit-making activities also slow down.

Mars being the Lord of the partner’s House and financial gains is posited in the 9th House. This is generally considered unfavourable. It gives rise to disputes and litigations. It also affects the company’s business activities.

Saturn, Lord of the 4th and 5th Houses, is posited in the 10th House. Moreover, Saturn is yogykarka in Libra Ascendant. Currently, Saturn is aspecting the 5th House and is transiting through Leo. An afflicted Saturn may prove hazardous for the people at the helm of the affairs in NHPC, who may even face infamy.

Saturn, posited in the 10th House, assumes great importance, particularly in respect to the head of the organisation. It alleviates the person to the pinnacle, but soon that person gets exhausted and loses his power.

Venus being the Lord of the 8th and 1st Houses, is debilitated. The disposition of Venus in the 12th House may give way to heavy expenditure by the company for development purpose. A well-posited Venus brings about peace and harmony and a well-aspected Venus indicates financial stability of the firm.

However, all these remedies should be done only after consulting an expert astrologer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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