Gautam Adani, the only Amdavadi entrant in the billionaire club of India

It's champagne time for Amdavadis as the dynamic doyen of business and industry of Gujarat Gautam Adani has joined the billionaire club of India, according to Forbes magazine. Ganesha goes through the horoscope of the 45-year old tycoon and gives astro-analysis. He was born in Seth ni Pol, Ratanpole, Ahmedabad on 24th June 1962. He is the richest person in Ahmedabad.

Ganesha notes that in his chart there is trine aspect between Sun and Moon. He has done 10th standard only. Jupiter and Moon is in Aquarius sign. This is forming Gajkesriyoga which is beneficial for wealth. Due to Gajkesry yoga, he has lots of capital and assets. Moreover, Mars is powerful which is placed in second house from Moon. Having Mars in Aries, his actions are fast and he gets result soon in business. Mars gives tremendous energy which is essential to become a powerful and successful businessman. He generally gets things done, and he makes fast and (usually) judicious decisions. The position of Mars denotes new idea, pioneering action.

He has Swagruhi Saturn hence he knows the limits of time and matter very well. It gives him good awareness of all the responsibilities, and commitments which are required in business. As a result, success is there in his life. In his chart, there is trine aspect between Sun and Moon. This combination gives him balanced personality, emotions as well as thinking. He has a stronger sense of purpose and appreciation of harmony. Many people with these aspects are likely to be popular. Due to this trine aspect, he is generally very attracted to relationships. Thus he can maintain good relationship in business and this is the powerful reason of his success. Additionally, Mercury which is the significator of business is Swagruhi and Jupiter denotes finance and wealth is also in its own sign in Navamansh chart. It indicates that he is quick-witted. Because of the powerful Mercury he is able to develop his business by leaps and bounds.

May Lord Ganesha bless him with happiness and prosperity in the New Year

Ganesha's Grace
Nikunj Suthar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team