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Ganesha predicts for ICICI Bank

Ganesha predicts for ICICI Bank

The largest private sector bank in India in terms of market capitalisation, the second largest bank in India in terms of assets, the ICICI Bank (formerly Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) has a network of 2,529 branches and 6,102 ATMs in the country. ICICI bank, which is expanding in overseas markets, now boasts of having wholly-owned subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices in 18 countries, including an offshore unit in Mumbai.

Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, predicts the future of the bank.

Paid-up value =10
Face value =10
Market Lot = 1
ISIN Code =INE090A01013

BSE Code : 532174
P / E = 26.83
EPS = 40.95
Book Value = 449.57
Market Cap = 126,234.04


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Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, checks out the pros and cons in the company’s natal chart, and predicts the future of the company.

ICICI BANK Listing Date=17th September, 1997
ICCI BANK Listing Time =09.55
ICICI BANK Listing Place=Bombay

The horoscope of ICICI BANK has Libra Ascendant, and the Lord of Ascendant is posited in its own House, the House of progress and efficiency. Venus and Mars are both posited in the Ascendant House. Mars is the Lord of the House of finance and partner. This combination invigorates and brings vitality amongst the staff members. Venus induces peace and harmonious culture in the organization. The policies set forth during this period will encourage the staff members to work harder and yield productive results.

In the horoscope of ICICI bank, Saturn is the Lord of the 4th and 5th House, and is posited in the 6th House in combination with Moon, the Lord of profession and favour of government. The position of the Moon in the 6th House is not considered fortunate. The position aggravates problems like loans and debts.

The position of Saturn in the 6th House pronounces unfavourable results. However, it bestows success and prosperity also. As Saturn is in the 6th House, it is afflicted, pronouncing negative results. It inflames agitation amongst the people and it results in low productivity. The status of liabilities are going to cause great concern to the management.

In ICICI bank’s horoscope, Mercury is the Lord of House of destiny and Foreign Institutional Investor( FII). For any banking sector company, it is essential that it has a strong Mercury and Jupiter. But, in the case of ICICI bank’s horoscope, Mercury is posited in combination with Rahu in the House of gain. An afflicted Mercury causes much embitterment among the staff members, and the progress of the firm is greatly impaired. Whenever Mercury is disturbed, it generates an FII selling pressure for ICICI in the stock market.

In the horoscope of ICICI bank, Jupiter is retrograde and debilitated. This is affecting the progress and prosperity of the company.

Currently, in the natal chart of ICICI bank, Jupiter is transiting through Pisces, its own sign in the 6th House. Saturn and Moon too are posited in the 6th House. Hence, Jupiter yields beneficial results. The work culture improves and the company registers sizeable increase in the outputs. The management shows magnanimity towards the employees, raising their salaries and offering other benefits and perks. Congenial environment prevails in the organization. It also inculcates working harmony between the employees and the management.

After 07/06/2011, Rahu is will enter Scorpio sign, and this House is the finance House of ICICI bank. So, whenever you trade in ICICI bank, you are advised to be cautious. The new ventures of the company may register losses. The detractors of the firm may take advantage of the situation and try to win favours from the embittered persons.

ICICI Bank’s Graph (1997-2010)


Share Holding Percentage
Total Foreign

Total Institutions

Total Non Promoter Corporate Holding

Total Public & Others

For Short Term- Near Surface
For Medium Term- Take monthly delivery-base trading.
For Long Term investment- Need to be cautious after 07/06/2011. Book profit at every jump.

Overall, ICICI bank is a strong scrip to keep in your ‘Portfolio’. Go ahead with it, says Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,