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Ganesha foretells the future of BGR Energy Systems Limited

Ganesha foretells the future of BGR Energy Systems Limited

BGR Energy Systems Limited was previously known as GEA Energy System (India) Pvt Ltd. BGR Energy Systems Limited, a supplier of systems and equipment for the power, oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical and process industries, and a provider of turnkey engineering project services engaged in engineering, manufacturing, procuring, constructing and commissioning projects in the power and oil & gas sectors. It now proposes to enter the capital markets on 5th December 2007 with a public issue of 9,136,000 equity shares of Rs 10 each through 100% book building process. The Issue will consist of a fresh issue of 4,320.000 equity shares and an offer for sale 0f 4,816,000 equity shares. The Issue closes on 12th December 2007 and the price band has been fixed at Rs 425 to Rs 480 per equity share. Ganesha foresees the company’s future through the magnifying glass of Astrology.

Ganesha sees company’s chart of Aquarius Ascendant with conjunction of Sun and Mercury in First house. Natal Saturn from tenth house is aspecting Natal Jupiter and Moon in twelfth house. Rahu is in third house whereas Venus and Mars are posited in second house. Transiting Jupiter pushes this company towards issuing Public Issue. But Ganesha feels that transiting Mars is retrograde in its fifth house of speculation. Mars, being the first rated malefic planet, generally produces inauspicious results and plays havoc when it gets afflicted.

Transiting Saturn and Ketu are being aspected by transiting Jupiter. Ganesha feels that the Company shall get overseas contract in next 203 months. But on the other hand, transiting Rahu is passing over Natal Sun and Mercury which is not good indicator for the company. Ganesha feels that the company shall plan to utilize the net proceeds to enlarge long term working capital necessities, expand production capacity by establishing additional manufacturing services in India, China and the Middle East.

Ganesha wishes BGR Energy Systems Ltd. all the very best for its future endeavors.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,