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Foreign Travel Prospects

Foreign Travel Prospects

The most common question which astrologers come across these days from their clients is “Will I get to travel abroad?”, for places like Australia, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand have turned out to be the hotspots in recent times. Well, traveling abroad is one of the most cherished dreams for a lot of people because of a variety of reasons with the likes of more jobs, opportunities, lifestyle, security, etc. Moreover, with the expansion of the IT industry, many Indians have this ambition to travel abroad to fulfill their dreams as well. Some wish to travel for education purposes, others for job, marriage and some to permanently settle there. The following Houses are responsible for traveling abroad i.e. 1st3rd4th7th9th, and 12th.

These days students have the curiosity to study abroad and explore different parts of the world. This curiosity gives them the urge to pursue their education in a foreign land. Through the lens of Vedic Astrology, traveling abroad for education will depend on the 5th House or the Lord of the 5th House’s connection with the 12th House and, the Lord of the 12th House. If the Lord of the 5th House is placed in the 12th House or the Lord of the 12th House is placed in 5th House, there are chances of the person flying abroad for higher studies or education. Read to know more about the relationship between Immigration and Astrology!

In the above chart, we can see that the Lord of the 12th House, Jupiter, is placed in 5th House with the Lord of the 5th House Venus and Lagna Lord Saturn, thus making a wonderful ‘Yog’ to travel abroad for higher studies. One can also use our Videsh Yog Copper Yantra that helps in removing any obstacles in going abroad!

As far as the astrological combinations and influences are concerned, to settle abroad permanently, there must be an affliction to the 4th House, and secondly, the Lord of the 4th House must be connected to the 9th and 12th House.

Given below is a Janam Kundli to cite an example as to what are the different factors that can assist us in knowing if one can travel abroad and for what purpose! Get our Janampatri to know if you have a chance to travel abroad this year!

  • In this chart, the Lord of the 9th and 12th Houses, Mercury is placed in 4th House with the Lord of the 10th House Moon, indicating travel to a foreign country for education.
  • Malefic Rahu is also placed in the 4th House.
  • Lagna lord is placed in the 12th House, indicating permanent stay abroad.
  • Similarly, in Chaturthamsa, we can see that the Lord of the12th House, Mars is placed in 4th House with Ketu, and the Lord of the 4th House, Jupiter is placed in the 12th House confirming a permanent stay abroad as well.

The following are the promising and optimistic periods when foreign travel is possible in the world of Astrology:

  • Dasha / Antardasha of the Lord of the 9th House or 12th House or the planets in association with the 12th Lord.
  • Dasha / Antardasha of a planet placed in the 12th House.
  • Dasha / Antardasha of malefic planet Rahu.

Note: Examine all these yogas from the Moon sign and also in the Navamsa.

Make use of our Ek (Mukhi) Rudraksha to remove obstacles in going out of the country and gaining more wealth and happiness as well!

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