Foreign Settlement or Immigration Astrology

Planetary Combination For Foreign Settlement or Immigration

In the realm of Astrology, all houses, planets and their combinations have their own significance and a role to play. The characteristics and situations change as per these factors pertaining to anything and everything in life. Such is the importance of planets and houses!

If we look at specific aspects like career, marriage, business, and numerous other dimensions of life, then astrology may play a key role in predicting the possible future. Similarly, the challenges and uncertainties related to a person’s immigration can also be analyzed through the lens of Indian Vedic Astrology.

Some specific planets and houses have an effect on a person’s chances of going out of the country. For example, we can know if one is going to travel abroad for entertainment, settlement or business purpose. This is where astrology affiliated with foreign settlement as well as foreign travel horoscope comes into the picture.

Let us look at how Immigration and Astrology can be connected!

Planets Associated With Immigration

As far as immigration astrology is concerned, Rahu, Ketu, Moon, and Mars are some of the important planets that help in foreign travel. Besides this, the lords of the significant houses also take part in a major role for traveling abroad. One can get permissions associated with a student visa, business visa or work visa because these planets and, certain other combinations with the houses can aid one in traveling or immigration purposes. There are certain measures that one can take to solve their problems related to immigration. Talk To An Astrologer who can assist you further!

Houses Affiliated With Immigration

Some houses may guarantee foreign travel and settlement, which is why when an expert astrologer sees a Kundli, they look for such planets and houses that are more favorable in such cases.

When your foreign settlement is for a short journey, then the 3rd house is involved as per the foreign travel astrology. This 3rd house is 12th from the 4th house and usually denotes short distance journeys.

The 4th house in the Vedic astrology chart puts emphasis on your motherland or native place. If there is any sort of affliction in the 4th house then, a person may have a good chance to travel abroad from his/her native place. Also, a highly disturbed 4th house may indicate foreign settlement, says Ganesha.

To add further, the 8th house also functions as a crucial factor. As this house is 12th from the 9th house, it signifies sudden gain in a foreign land like in investments, which in turn, increases the possibility of traveling abroad to a foreign land.

The 9th house specifically heralds long journeys over water. This house provides opportunities for long journeys, as per foreign settlement astrology, which is why this house is very essential in knowing if a person is going to travel out of the country.

The 11th house is affiliated with the fulfillment of wishes. If a person may have a strong desire and gets fulfilled, it may be because of a strong 11th house. This is the house for wish fulfillment. Whatever the purpose of travel 11th house always remains important in traveling.

The 12th house, again, also plays a major role with respect to Foreign Land and settlement as it points out travel and PR in a foreign land.

Favorable Planetary Combinations For a Foreign Visa

Certain combinations of houses and planets can lead to going out of your country. Not just this, these houses or planets can also tell as to what house is associated with what particular kind of objective too!

Whatever traveling purpose it is, in any case, the 4th house and its lord must be affected in a way that it may promote foreign travel. This is because the 4th house is concerned with taking a person away from its native or motherland.

As far as higher studies abroad are concerned, if the lord of the 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th house, and their respective lords make a combination with the 12th house then the person may get the opportunity to get a Student Visa. Furthermore, the 8th house indicates Research, hence, if there is any combination of the lord of the 8th house with the 9th and 12th one, the individual may pursue research work in a foreign land.

If the Lord of 6th house and 10th house make a combination with the 9th and 12th house, then the probability of the individual to go abroad for work/ job purposes increases. Want to know your job prospects out of the country? Buy our Career Report and find all the answers to your queries!

If the lord of the 7th and 10th house make a combination with the 12th house, then the person may go abroad for business-related objectives.

If the lord of 9th house and 11th house make certain interactions with 12th house then the possibility of the person to go to a foreign for leisure/tourism purpose also solidifies.

Apart from the houses, planets like Saturn and Rahu along with their placement in the 12th house may also indicate foreign travel, says Ganesha.

Therefore, with such houses, planets and their specific combinations, an individual may get the opportunity to go abroad, and this can be very much foreseen with the help of foreign settlement and travel astrology!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The Team