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A close connection between Education and Astrology now explained!

Education and Astrology by Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant
Vedic astrology can help us in getting an idea regarding the level of education that can be attained as per the placement of planets in an individual’s horoscope. In addition to this, we can also get an idea regarding the type of education an individual is likely to pursue and how much success can one attain in one’s chosen field. First of all, we would explore how the matters related to education are interpreted in a horoscope, and how astrology can unfold the secrets regarding this important aspect of our life.

Educational achievements can be predicted by analysing the 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th and 9th House of one’s Kundli or Horoscope and the Lords of the respective Houses. Usually, the Second House is referred to as the House for education, and studying this House can yield many details regarding one’s education and life revolving around this aspect. However, the Second House alone cannot give a complete picture regarding this area.

In general, the Lord of the first House/Ascendant should be placed in the Kendras (1st ,4th ,7th and 10th Houses), Trikonas (1st ,5th and 9th Houses), second or in the eleventh House. If the Lord of the first House is posited in the 6th , 8th , 12th House from the Ascendant or the Lord of the first House is debilitated, the native is said to suffer or struggle a lot. Hence, it is necessary to know the dignity of the Lord of the first House.

The second House gives information about the possibility of education. The fourth House is the second House for the second house; hence this House should also be analysed. The fourth House should be sound in order to have good educational prospects. Assuming that many of our readers may already be aware of the importance of the second and the fourth House in order to predict about one’s educational prospects (or would find the deep Astrological principles quite pedagogical and heavy), we have not mentioned them in detail here.

The fifth House can give information about the possibility of the native getting awarded educational degrees. The fifth House signifies knowledge, memory, musical sense, concentration, luck etc. The ninth House, on the other hand, mainly signifies higher education, which may comprise areas like philosophy, science, literature etc. and the higher education degrees such as M.Sc, M.B.B.S, PhD, M.B.A etc. Hence, it is necessary to consider the 5th and 9th Houses, when analysing the educational capabilities of an individual.

In short, it goes without saying that Astrology can help you a lot when it comes to knowing, assessing and understanding one’s educational prospects. Besides, it can also help you choose the right career and subjects for yourself or your loved ones. You may also take a decision about going in for higher studies.

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