White Sapphire Benefits: The Venus Stone

Published on September 17, 2019

White Sapphire

These crystal clear Sapphires are considered White Sapphires. White Sapphire is the best alternative for Diamond due to the solid physical similitude to it, and the energy of the planet Venus is present in White Sapphire stone.

White Pukhraj is commonly known as Safed Pukhraj, Safed PushkaRaj and Colourless Sapphire. The gemstone exudes class, panache and beauty.

White Pukhraj stone is associated with the planet Venus. It is a gemstone for Venus mahadasha and also for good luck, wisdom and celestial grace.

The origin of White Sapphire is in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Australia, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Astrological Benefits Of Wearing a White Sapphire

This White Sapphire Gemstone helps the native attract a lot of opportunities to earn wealth and increase their general happiness. It also helps in creating better relations at the relationship front and in the marital life. People in the field of hospitality, art, travel and tourism can benefit from white Pukhraj.

Personal Benefits of Wearing White Sapphire

a) The individuals can protect themselves from black magic, evil eye, hexing and spells, and evil spirits after wearing the white sapphire.
b) You are benefitted from material understanding and get a passion in life as this white Pukhraj stone would make you calm, happy and easy-going.
c) White Sapphire gets strengthened by the cosmic rays of Venus, which help you to improve the relationship and increase love and affection.
d) One of the other significant white Pukhraj stone benefits is that it enhances your artistic abilities.
e) White Pukhraj helps you gain wealth; hence use it judiciously.
f) White Sapphire would give you an alluring personality and makes you charming and attractive.
g) White Sapphire Gemstone is excellent for harmony and joy in a relationship.
h) The stone has a positive impact on your confidence, personality and self-esteem.
i) The white sapphire protects you from nightmares and gives you a peaceful sleep.

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Who Should Wear White Sapphire?

a) White Sapphire is highly beneficial to the individuals who belong to the entertainment industry, fashion, films, airlines, saloon, photography, jewellery, hotel and hospitality and cosmetics.
b) White Pukhraj stone is also beneficial to singers, artists, and event management professionals, individuals in a creative field and public relations.
c) Celebrities wearing white sapphire would get name, fame and wealth in their industry.
d) It is beneficial to the individuals in the silver business and business of white colour products.

Diseases That Can Be Healed Wearing a White Sapphire

a) White Sapphire helps to cure ailments related to the urinary system, gynaecological issues, venereal diseases and diabetes.
b) White Pukhraj stone also cures diseases like constipation, infertility, gastric and cough problems.
c) White Sapphire is confirmed to be influential over Crown Chakra by Astrolog.
d) It strengthens Blood vessels, stimulates and improves the functioning of the nervous system and treats the thyroid.
e) White Sapphire stone heals you from the trauma that occurred due to the relationship.
f) The stone brings relief in migraine, amnesia and depression

Ascendants Immune to White Sapphire

White Sapphire is the birthstone for Gemini, Taurus and Libra ascendants, and the gemstone bestows them with love, art, luxury and marital bliss to individuals. Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant can also wear White Sapphire.
a) White Pukhraj will prove to be lucky for Taurus ascendants because the planet Venus is the lord of the first and sixth house for Taurus ascendants. White Sapphire would give you robust health, knowledge, status, progress in career, name and fame and all types of material success. It is also known as a gemstone for Venus mahadasha.
b) For Gemini ascendants, the planet Venus is the lord of the fifth and the twelfth house. According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is a beneficial planet for Gemini ascendant, and Venus owns the fifth house, which is associated with knowledge, intelligence and children. By wearing White Sapphire stone, you are likely to be successful in all fields.
c) White Sapphire benefits Virgo ascendants. The planet Venus is the lord of the second and the ninth house, which denotes wealth and fortune. White Sapphire would be beneficial for your entire life, and it dispels the adverse effects of the planet.
d) White Pukhraj benefits Libra ascendants. The gemstone will bring good health, a successful career and married life, success in the art and entertainment industry. The White Sapphire gemstone can expel and neutralise the harmful effects of the planet Venus in the birth chart.
e) White Sapphire would be highly beneficial for Capricorn ascendants. The planet Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth house, and also the Venus is Yogakaraka planet for Capricorn ascendants. White Sapphire would provide the overall development of life.
f) Aquarius ascendants should use this birthstone as a living stone.

Ascendants Who Should Never Wear White Sapphire

a) The Aries ascendant individuals should not wear white Sapphire because Venus is the lord of the second house and the seventh house in your horoscope. The planet Venus is a Marak planet for Aries ascendant. White Sapphire would be immensely harmful. The individuals can wear this white Pukhraj stone only if Venus is in exaltation or going through Venus Mahadasha.
b) The individuals of Cancer ascendant should not wear White Sapphire as the planet; Venus owns the fourth and eleventh house of your birth chart. Venus is not a beneficial planet for you, and you can only wear it if Venus is exalted or you are going through Venus Mahadasha.
c) White Sapphire stone is not beneficial to Leo ascendant because Venus owns the third and tenth house in your birth chart. Venus is not a beneficial planet for you, and you can only wear it if Venus is exalted or you are going through Venus Mahadasha.
d) Scorpio ascendant should not wear White Pukhraj as Venus is considered as a malefic planet for you. You can only use this powerful gemstone if Venus is placed in Taurus and Libra sign and exalted in the Pisces sign, and you should be in Venus Mahadasha.
e) White Sapphire is not beneficial to Sagittarius ascendant because Venus owns the sixth and eleventh house in your birth chart. During Venus Mahadasha, you can wear this stone only if Venus is in its sign or exalted.
f) Pisces ascendant should not wear White Sapphire stone as Venus is considered as a malefic planet for you. You can only use this powerful gemstone if the planet Venus is placed in Taurus and Libra sign and Pisces sign, and you should be in Venus Mahadasha. Do you know the placement of Venus is Benefic, Malefic or Marak in your horoscope?

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How To Wear White Sapphire Ring

Vedic astrology has specified on which finger should the white sapphire stone be worn. It should be worn on the middle finger or on the ring finger of your right hand. Wearing white sapphire on the index finger is not advisable. Also embed it in silver for best results.

White Sapphire Benefits & Mahadasha

a) When the individuals are going through a bad phase during Venus Mahadasha, and Venus Antardasha in other Mahadasha, then wearing the white sapphire acts as a gemstone for venus mahadasha and will neutralise the malefic impact of Venus during that time.
b) If the planet Venus is afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, you are likely to get ditched in the relationship. In this case, White Sapphire is expected to give you positive results.
c) If beneficial Venus is holding a weak position in your horoscope, wearing a white sapphire stone would give it additional energy and strength.
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When, Where, How and What type of White Sapphire should be worn?

a) White Pukhraj must be worn on Fridays in the first hour from sunrise time. One can wear it at home by performing certain rituals in a place where puja is performed regularly.
b) If you buy this Gemstone on Friday, it will be highly beneficial for you.
c) The weight of White Sapphire should be 5 carats, and the ring should be silver or white gold.
d) It is recommended to wear a bright fortnight on the middle or small finger after dipping the stone in Gangajal or cow milk, light some incense sticks and chant the mantra Om Shum Shukraya Namah sixteen times. Natives should wear White Sapphire on the middle or small finger of either hand.

Side Effects of White Sapphire

Just like White Sapphire Benefits, there are side effects as well to the stone.

If Venus is malefic or giving a negative effect on your horoscope, then wearing this white Pukhraj stone will increase the strength of negative results, and it brings severe problems and losses in your life.

Change in the colour of gemstone against the recommendation of Your Astrologer would give side effects to you. Buy Gemstones online with the exact specification recommended by your astrologer.

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