Predictions What is Astrology? A superstition, science, or a subject based on calculations?

What is Astrology? A superstition, science, or a subject based on calculations?

What is Astrology? A superstition, science, or a subject based on calculations?

There are various definitions of ‘Astrology’. According to critics, astrology is a superstition, while the believers in astrology would term it as science. But according to Ganesha, astrology is a spiritual subject, which depends on calculations. Horoscope is considered as the most important part of Indian astrology. And in a horoscope, all the predictions depend on the nine stars and twelve zodiacs.

The nine stars are:
Uranus Neptune Dragon’s head & Dragon’s tail

The twelve zodiacs are:

Besides stars, the factors that affect life are the country, period & family in which one is born. E.g. A & B are two different people with different horoscopes. As the horoscope depicts, A should have dark complexion, while B should have a fair complexion. But here, A is born in Perth, Australia and B is born in Nigeria. Thus in this case, A is fair-skinned, while B is dark-skinned.

Similarly, A & B are born is Jaipur & are to be married in the 14th year of age, according to the horoscope. But, A born in 1935 got married when he was 14 years old. But, B who is born in 1990 cannot marry at 14, as child marriage is a punishable crime in India now.

Family too plays a vital role in a person’s horoscope. A, who is born in a rich family will have to face less struggles, while B who is from a poor family will have to struggle hard compared to A.

Preparing a horoscope requires date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Without this data, an astrologer cannot prepare a horoscope. Birth chart and Moon chart are the two important charts in a horoscope besides many other charts. Sun chart and Navmansh charts are also equally important. Twelve zodiacs are distributed in these twelve Houses. There is one numeric in each House:
1. Aries
2. Taurus
3. Gemini
4. Cancer
5. Leo
6. Virgo
7. Libra
8. Scorpio
9. Sagittarius
10. Capricorn
11. Aquarius
12. Pisces

The Seven stars are the Lords of the twelve zodiacs. Given below are the names of the Stars and the Zodiacs they govern:
Sun – Leo
Moon – Cancer
Mars – Aries and Scorpio
Mercury – Gemini and Virgo
Jupiter – Sagittarius and Pisces
Venus – Taurus and Libra
Saturn – Capricorn and Aquarius

This way, if 5 is written in the 1st House, it means Leo rules the 1st House of that chart, and Sun is the Lord of the 1st House. Similarly, if 7 is written in the 9th House, it means Libra rules the 9th House of that chart, and Venus is the Lord of the 9th House.

Each star has one higher and one lower zodiac: (known as exaltation and debilitation)
Sun’s higher zodiac is Aries
Moon -Taurus
Mars – Capricorn
Mercury – Virgo
Jupiter – Cancer
Venus – Pisces
Saturn – Libra
Dragon Heads – Gemini
Dragon Tails – Sagittarius.

Similarly, each star has one lower zodiac.
Sun’s lower zodiac is Libra
Moon – Scorpio
Mars – Cancer
Mercury – Pisces
Jupiter – Capricorn
Venus – Virgo
Saturn – Aries
Dragon’s head – Sagittarius
Dragon’s tail – Gemini.

Stars on the higher position, during their period, always bring about positive effects on one’s life. Stars on the lower position, during their period, always provide negative effect on one’s life.

Each star has 30 degree. A Star up to 6 degree is child, Stars 6 to 26 degree is youth and stars above 26 degree is old. Youth stars work according to own calibre, while child and
old stars cannot work according to their strength. Indian astrology depends on Moon signs. 1/4//5/9/10 are auspicious Houses in the horoscope. The Lords of 1/4//5/9/10 have positive effects on one’s life. 3/6/8/12 are not auspicious and the Lords of these Houses always affect one’s life adversely.

This is a basic and small introduction to a ‘Horoscope’. Astrology is a vast subject. One needs to have a deep knowledge of astrology in order to make predictions. Few things always need to be kept in mind before predicting- combinations of stars, position of stars, and degrees of stars.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni