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Venus Transit 2017: Venus In Gemini – Effects On Your Moon Signs

Venus Transit 2017: Venus In Gemini – Effects On Your Moon Signs

Venus In Gemini: An Overview

Venus will transit in Gemini sign between July 26, 2017, and August 20, 2017. This transit of Venus will variably impact the natives of the 12 Moon Signs.

As per the Indian astrology, Venus occupies a very important place among the planets of Solar System. Venus can be spotted in the sky with unaided eyes. Venus is the Lord of Shukravar (Friday). Venus also brings about the female qualities. Venus influences worldly areas such as entertainment, art, beauty, love, passion and so on. Venus also symbolises Shukaracharya, the guru of the demons. Venus is related to Mrit Sanjivani Vidya. This is a wisdom which can resurrect a dead human being. While Jupiter influences wealth and accumulation, Venus bestows the ability and aptitude to enjoy this wealth. Thus, Venus holds huge importance in the context of materialistic happiness.

Now, let us see the impact of Venus transit on the 12 Moon Signs:

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.]

Venus transit in Gemini will transit through the third house in Aries. Overall, the transit of Venus is beneficial for the natives of Aries sign. You will get the much-needed support and cooperation from your siblings. Your self-confidence will increase. This will also boost your courage. Luck will open up opportunities for you. You will enjoy a short trip. The third house also deals with communication and marketing. So, if you are involved in these areas, you are likely to get the benefit. We need success in profession to be happy in life. Do you want to know the future of your career? Find it out with 2023 Career Report.

Venus transit in Gemini will traverse through the second house of Taurus. Ganesha showers his choicest blessings on you so that this period goes well. Your family members are going to co-operate with you. This will brighten your chances of progress. You will also get the chance to consume tasty food of your choice. Some auspicious programme will be organised at home. People will like your speech and soft words, they will praise you. You will stand to make big financial gains. Your economic situation will improve. However, you can make further improvements in your financial situation. Buy 2023 Finance Report, know your future, improve your situation.

Venus transit in Gemini will have significant implications for the natives of Gemini sign. On the whole, Venus transit in Gemini will turn out to be a good period for the natives of Gemini sign. Venus will pass through your first house. Venus will give you respect and fame in society. You will make achievements in office, which is going to help you. If you suffering from an illness since a long time, there will be an improvement in your condition. Your financial situation will improve. You may need to travel out of station. There will be more harmony in your married life. Those who are wanting to get married will get new opportunities for good marriage. Relationships are important as they bind and help us. Are you facing problems in your relationship? Buy the 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report and get the help.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through the 12th house in Cancer. The twelfth house is also known as the House of Expenses in Astrology. Thus, natives are likely to see an increase in their expenses due to this transit. You may spend more in areas of indulgence. If you are planning to go abroad, then you should work hard to make your plans succeed. You will spend time in entertainment with your near and dear ones. You will make an enjoyable trip. So, apart from expenses, this period will be good for Cancer natives. Undue expenses can deplete our resources. However, to make your situation strong you need to make sound financial plans. You can do it if you buy the 2023 Finance Report.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through the 11th house in Leo sign. It is also called the Labh House (House of Gains). It will be an auspicious duration for the natives of Leo sign. You may make sudden financial gains. You will get helped by friends, particularly female friends. You may even get a gift from one of your friends. Your financial situation will move well. There will be positive developments in love relationships. Youngsters will get successful in matters of love. Couples who are willing to beget a baby will get successful in conception. For many people, the purpose of marriage is to gain fatherhood or motherhood. Do you want to know more about your marriage? Gain access to 2023 Marriage Report and find out.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through the 10th house in Virgo sign. If you burdened by different types of work, your burden may become lesser. There will be harmony and happiness at office. You will get the cooperation of those working under you. Your work will get appreciated. The possibility of promotion is also there. This Venus transit will prove to be a bountiful period for those who are into the areas of art, dance, singing and acting. Your fame will spread in the entire world. We need continuous efforts to succeed in career. Are your curious about your career? Buy the Career Prospects Report and know your future.

Venus transit in Gemini will move in Libra through the ninth house which is also called the Luck House. Your luck is bound to go up. It’s going to be a good phase for the natives of Libra. You will make financial and social gains. You will get fame and prestige. You will get your father’s cooperation. You may go on a pilgrimage or visit a foreign country. Your financial situation will improve. Those who are wanting to acquire higher education will get success. Education is important as it opens up a glorious future. If you are having any queries in your Education, buy the Education Ask Question: Detailed Advice and settle your doubts.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through the eighth sign for the natives of Scorpio. On the whole, it’s going to be an auspicious period for you. You will need to be very careful about your health or else they may fall ill. The sudden emergence of needs may spoil your financial plans. Looking at the stars, you are advised to make sound financial plans in advance. You may face differences in your family life. You have always given importance to spirituality; now you will feel closer to God. At times, problems in relationships may make you turn more spiritual. Are you facing such problems? If yes then buy the Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice and get the answers to your problems.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through the seventh house in Sagittarius. It’s a good time period for the natives of Sagittarius. Your married life will get all the more harmonious. Your married life will get filled with energy and enthusiasm. There will be mutual trust and feeling of love between husband and wife. The time is good for those couples who are willing to beget a baby. The favourable planetary positions will make you create a different type of personality. You will get the support of your near and dear ones and people who are around you. Relationships help us move ahead in life. Are you concerned about your relationships? Get your concerns sorted out. Buy the 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through your sixth house. Overall, Venus transit in Gemini will be inauspicious for Capricorn natives. As per the Parashar Astrology, sixth house symbolises disease and enemy. You should be particularly careful about your health. Your rivals may try to damage your prospects in some way or the other. So stay alerted and cautious. You should not annoy someone by your tough behaviour. Your married and love life may see some struggle. Don’t make unnecessary expenses or else it may cause a difficult situation for you. It’s important to build finances because they help us fulfil our needs. Are you concerned about your finances? Buy the 2023 Finance Report and get the necessary guidance.

Venus transit will have a negative impact on Aquarius natives. Venus in Gemini will pass through your fifth house. As per the Vedic astrology, fifth house influences areas such as one’s offspring and education. You may feel attracted to the opposite gender. You will be successful in love. Newly married couples wanting to beget a child will be successful. Your son or daughter will give you a reason to smile. This will create happiness in the family. You will make financial gains. Students who are into the areas of acting, dance, singing, will stand to make huge benefits. Education is not just about theory. It also includes other activities. If you are facing problems in any area of your education, buy Education Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report. Get your query settled and problem resolved.

Venus transit in Gemini will pass through your fourth house. On the whole, it’s a good period for Pisces natives. Due to positive planetary movements, you will get all the prosperity and happiness. You will accumulate things of luxury at home, by virtue of Venus transit. You will get the warmth and affection of your mother. You will get all the help from your employees. An auspicious programme will get complete at home, which will cause happiness and enthusiasm. If you dreaming of buying a new house, you are likely to taste success. We need wealth to fulfil our dreams. And to build wealth, we need proper planning. Well, if you any doubt in building your wealth, avail the Wealth Ask a Question Report. Get your position cleared.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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