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U.S Shutdown! Ganesha foresees instability and crisis…

U.S Shutdown! Ganesha foresees instability and crisis…

After the two Houses of Congress in the United States Government failed to agree to a new Union Budget, U.S., in a shocking turn of events, announced a financial Shutdown starting today! Tens of thousands of the Americans serving for various government offices in the United States of America prepare to stay home, as they have been asked to go on an unpaid leave. All the myriad non essential services from national parks to the museums to libraries may be shut down temporarily.

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As per our PRESS RELEASE: The planetary configuration indicates that the President will have to face very demanding situations.

During 2013, Obama may spend most of his time struggling with the budget-related issues and healthcare reforms. Working on the framework for deficit reduction will strain his nerves. Mr Obama will find himself yet again, contending against an extremely divided Congress.

In President Obama’s second-term Oath Chart, the Moon is placed in Bharani Nakshatra in the Ascendant and it is getting afflicted by Ketu. Adding to this is the Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the 7th House. Plus, Saturn is aspecting the Moon, which is an extremely unfavorable planetary aspect for the President. Its a clear indication of a strained relationship with the opposition Republican Party and with some allies as well.

Another negative factor in this Horoscope is the placement of Rahu and Ketu in Square with the Ascendant Lord Mars. It indicates that a certain crisis may come out, catching the President off guard.

The Lord of 2nd House, Venus is strong in the 9th House, which suggests that USA is slowly crawling out of one of the worst economic downturns. But, the retrograde Jupiter in the 2nd House and a very weak Moon will raise serious doubts about the sustainability of the growth.

Currently, the transiting Mars is debilitated in the 4th House and the transiting Rahu is passing through the Swati Nakshatra exactly over the 10th House Lord Saturn in U.S’s Chart. The direct result of this was that President Obama could not resolve his differences with the Republicans, and was forced by the circumstances to announce the “Shut-down”.

In USA Country Chart, the Dasha of Mars-Jupiter-Venus is in force. Venus is the 10th House Lord, and is currently passing through Libra along-with Saturn and Rahu. Adding to this, the transiting Mars is passing through the 12th House. It is indicative of instability and a crisis situation in the State. The period till 9th November 2013 will be extremely stressful for the U.S. and the President. There will be extremely tough bargaining from both the sides, Democrats and Republicans. However, there are chances of the resolution of the current “Shut-down” stand off between 5th October and 9th November 2013. But, the resolution will not be the end of problems for the President. Obama may have to agree to some of the reforms, as a part of some grand bargain, if not now, then in the year 2014, as the Mars-Saturn period between 6th March 2014 and 15th April 2015 may bring more problems and challenges for Obama and the U.S.

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