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Effect of Mars on various houses

Ganesha sees that Mars will have stationary motion on 30/01/2008 @ 16:05:00 IST. This astrological event will occur during Gemini Ascendant with position of Moon in Libra.

Any inaction or delays are likely to be reduced during this period. You will take the reigns in your hands for all the tasks and will not tolerate any intruder. Financial gains are also predicted in the coming months due to your taking every task in your hands. You will slowly move towards development. Ganesha advises you to realize your worth and you will definitely get the rewards

You will be able to earn more during this period. This is due to high focus and dedication towards projects in hand. You might also increase your ability and others will follow your footsteps. This will in turn allow you to open and explore new genres of communication. You will develop valuable contacts for future reference.

You are about to come out of a period of frustration wherein you were not getting appropriate results of your efforts. But as you have learnt whom to deal with and how to deal with them, things will run smoothly for you. Ganesha however advises you not to loose focus, as this will divert you from your path. Once you follow Ganesha’s advice, development and progress are on the cards for you.

After many unsuccessful attempts, you will now review all the aspects carefully which led to this failure. Ganesha advises you to concentrate on your projects and you will see the results soon. All you need to do is to know your caliber and then work towards achieving your targets. Go ahead! Ganesha is with you.

Your creativity, which was not appreciated for a long time will earn, praises for you. Ganesha advises you to grab each and every opportunity that comes your way. Follow your heart in this matter and failure will not find any place in your dictionary. Go with the positive flow of the environment and reach the zenith.

You will find yourself better able to take charge of your daily routine and let it energize you rather than making you lethargic. Experimentation with various alternatives now leads to the choice of a single path that both conserves your inner resources and brings you rewards in the process. Put aside time-wasting diversions and go with what — and who — really make you feel alive and glowing.

Your patience with others will begin to pay off as your partners might get in tune with your efforts and you can genuinely share the mutual effort. This may require some decision-making and putting more of your eggs into a single basket to make a commitment strong enough to pay off.

Where you have met with diminishing returns, back off and run with a single new plan that will be more worth the extra effort. Where you put the extra is everything — don’t spread it around, focus it. You’re more likely to get what you really push for than what you simply toy with.

Stop wasting your energies in half-hearted promotion and get on the bandwagon that will take you where you want to go. This might require a lot of effort on your part. Throw yourself into it and you’ll begin to feel the acceleration of dedicated movement, the momentum building from entrained energy. You will soon find yourself on the peak of your career.

Single-minded career efforts will find reward and you will be judged by your level of commitment to your own efforts. Believe in yourself and follow word with deeds — it’s the proof of the pudding where others are concerned. Where you make an impression with manifested self-confidence, there you will find fast friends and lasting connections.

Remember that your backing may not always come from what you simply seek yourself but from that which is awarded to you on your merits, ones you may not even be aware of. Do not grasp, but let others seek you out for your strong points, and you will find their energies shore you up and propel you on when you need to take some of the burden off your own shoulders.

Don’t steam ahead as if there is no tomorrow until you’re sure you’ve got a good grip on the wheel and all the fog has lifted. This is particularly true as new vistas open up, and you will not want to have to make a major course change in order to steer toward a more bountiful horizon. Cautious moves now enable more emboldened ones in the near future.

Ganesha wishes that this motion of Mars brings good luck for all!

Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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