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Scary Saturn-Rahu Conjunction – What does it mean for your Sun Sign?

Saturn and Rahu(North Node) are very close to each other in the Sky which is also known as a conjunction in astronomy. In fact they are moving in opposite directions and hence are crossing each other. Both Saturn and Rahu are known to be responsible for a lot of pain, struggle, stress, anxiety and turmoil in your life. The effects of this planetary combination will last till mid of November 2013.

Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work; many are afraid of its stern and strong influence. Many also believe that Saturn is the harbinger of struggle, anxiety and pain. However, that is not always the case. Saturn is a slow planet, and gives its rewards only after plain and true hard work – because of which its results are delayed and slow. On the other hand, Rahu – the North Node – is a shadow planet, and is much feared, because it is said to create confusions, misunderstandings and illusions. The picture that Rahu creates may turn out to be nothing but a mirage, and the end result, obviously, is utter chaos. When these two strong planets come together, the time is for ‘harsh lessons’. This planetary combination has the full capacity to create stress, tension and anxiety in your life. The results can be extreme and its effects can be felt in both professional and personal life. For e.g. your business may suffer, you are likely to face problems in career and your relationship with your partner/spouse may also start causing major worries in your life.

planetary activity may have a marked influence on your financial set-up. You may be concerned about joint finances and matters related to inheritance. Plus, your health may also become a cause of concern to you. Take care! You may feel confused and troubled, and that may only add to your health woes. Regular health-check ups should be the order of the day. Also, it is advised that you take your doctor’s advice quite seriously. If married, your relations with your parents-in-law may need work and re-assessment. Take action well in time, and do not procrastinate. To ensure that you take timely actionGet guidance from our expert astrologer

The Saturn-Rahu adverse combination may cast a dark shadow over both your personal relationships and public image. Legal battles, misunderstandings, false allegations may leave you stressed. You may have been feeling anxious or even stupefied. However, now is the time to step out of the dark clouds that have been hovering over the two most prominent areas of your life. This will NOT be easy, but surely good Karma and timely steps shall help you undo a plenty of damage. Now, the question is HOW? Don’t wait, Ask our expert team now!

This period may cause some disturbances in your relationships, especially the ones related to your maternal side. Try to maintain good terms, as far as possible, says Ganesha. At work too, you may find it hard to maintain your congenial stance – you may feel irritable. Work on your inter-personal relationships. Health is another area that needs careful handling, and so do your dealings with other people. Unexpected expenses, hidden enemies, financial surprises – are likely. Deal with them better, by being prepared in advance with expert astrological advice

Those of you who are parents or have to deal with kids, in any way would need to be very patient in their approach. However, this is a decent time for conceiving a child, if that has been on your agenda for a while now. At work, despite working very hard, you may not get the results! You may be unable to give your best – or so you may feel! A distinct lack of clarity may make the matters worse for you. The planets may make you feel lost, and you may find it difficult to focus on any single issue at hand. Students will need an extra dose of persistence, if they aim for success. Feeling stuck already? Get guidance from expert

Time for some changes! You may have to put in your money on an unexpected renovation or repair project, and you may resent that. A change of residence or relocation to a different place is also likely. If that is something that has been pending for long, Ganesha advises you to take immediate action, or you may repent later. Note that this planetary combination may have a marked effect on your domestic life. It would be in your best interests to remain calm, as you deal with the problems that may take their own sweet time to get resolved. If you still feel a nagging discontent or emptiness on this account, get a harder look at your stars – to deal better.

You will have to be very careful when it comes to expressing yourself now. Your communication has the power to forge or break relations. At work, expect some changes – it may also mean a change in your position. You may be under a plenty of pressure. You need to alter your way of thinking, if you wish to get rid of this nagging anxiety. Be progressive in your thoughts – that may help. Your relationships with your siblings may also be put to test. Okay, this may not be the best of the times for you, yet Ganesha assures you that something of a great distress is not heading towards you. But yes, there definitely is a need to alter your approach.

Words once spoken cannot be taken back – remember this adage, and exercise restrain in all your communications. The family and finances remain at the centre-stage, making you anxious and confused at times. You will ache to get better clarity on many of the sub-aspects related to these two areas. You will need to have a long-term, broader perspective, and you may reach a suitable answer. But, sometimes it’s not possible to get all the answers by yourself. In such a case, we suggest that you get an enhanced clarity on your home and money matters, lest they get out of your hand.

The recent times may not have been easy for you. Although, you may expect a gradual improvement in the trend now, things may still take a plenty of time to completely stabilise. You will need all the patience and calm to ensure you don’t commit a mistake now. Your relationships may have come under the scanner or you may have had to face distress and insults; your public image may have suffered too. This is a time that you should utilise to put things in order. Remain disciplined, and don’t over-estimate your capabilities. Also, take and implement the important lessons from your own stars…HOW?Click here to get detailed advice

You got to be shock-free now! You may feel lost or anxious – losses on various fronts are possible. You may lose money or relationships, and that may cause you stress and turmoil. On the work front too, the tide may not seem to be in your favour. You may feel that an external force drives everything at its will, with you having almost no control. Don’t feel so helpless! Or, you may only be distressed further. Stay focussed on whatever matter is bothering you to ensure faster resolution. Expect delays in routine matters! Does it sound too difficult?

The process of rebirth and renewal continues for your Sign. You will now know the difference between your friends and foes – but believe you us, that’s never a pleasant process – it often brings with it pain and regret. Be careful while dealing with your siblings. Many of your personal and professional equations may change. Gains and rewards may get delayed, making you feel neglected or down. You may also feel short-changed – despite putting in your best efforts, you may not get your due rewards. Try not to feel so shattered. Employ the resources at hand, and try getting the best you can manage now.

So, the life feels like a never-ending battle now! It may, or so say the stars for your Sign. Things may get better or manageable soon, but right now you have to keep your calm. Wait out this period. You may want to change your job, but there may not be many suitable openings. If you are in business, things may be seem to be going haywire. You may also be concerned about a parent’s ill-health. Managing between the personal and professional fronts may get rather difficult. And thus, we suggest that you don’t try to fight it out alone. Share, and get a better perspective – something that address the root-cause behind these happenings – your personal stars.

Like other Water Signs, Pisces this is a time for change for you too. Note that your travel plans may get delayed, and you may face unexpected struggle. Your belief system may undergo a major change, and your general ideas and notions about religion and people may also change. Besides, you may have a nagging feeling that there is some ‘element’ obstructing your path to progress. This planetary transit can also shake your confidence level, so better beware. Don’t even think that destiny is being cruel with you, because it has shown you good days in the past and will surely show you the sunny days soon. How? And, when?Our experts will answer your question