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Shani Mahadasha – How to Deal With It

Shani Mahadasha – How to Deal With It

Saturn is one of the most potent planets associated with hard work, longevity, karma, discipline, limitation and ambition, delay and patience. Saturn Mahadasha runs for 19 years in your life, and it tends to bring the most opportunities in that period. Saturn is the judge of all planets and doesn’t tolerate injustice. Saturn brings a lot of challenges in career and personal life during the entire period of Mahadasha.

During Saturn or Shani Mahadasha, you have to work hard and get the results based on the karma done by you in the past.

Irrespective of which house Saturn belongs in your birth chart, you need to put some extra efforts to get success, and the path of success may have hindrances, delay and denial in it.

If Saturn is placed in good houses in your birth chart, you will get a cent per cent result of your efforts, but if it is placed in a malefic house or associated with bad combinations, then you have to face some disappointment.

Saturn Mahadasha may be harmful when it is weak, combust and associated with malefic planets. Still, it can be beneficial and do wonders if it is placed in a good place and combined with good planets.

The excellent placement of Saturn in your birth chart may give you will power, core strength and courage to fight for the challenges you face and get a good name and fame in society. Let us see Saturn Mahadasha or Shani Mahadasha effects in different Antardasha.

The untroublesome and good Saturn in your horoscope may give you better status and position in society during this Mahadasha. You may get an opportunity to play a leadership role in society. You may benefit from land and property.

This period may enhance your relationship with your spouse and turn out well for

children and family. The afflicted or malefic Saturn in your birth chart may bring many hindrances in your career and professional life. You may face some issues with your family and siblings.

You may also suffer from gastric problems, disputes, jealousy, and there is a possibility of straining your relationship with your friends and family due to your anger and aggression.

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Mercury may balance Saturn’s malefic effect or negative influence in your birth chart up to a certain level during this Mahadasha. You may earn a good image in society and enjoy a comfortable life. This phase of Mahadasha is positive for business growth.

You may become wise, intelligent and charitable and handle all the hurdles and challenges very efficiently in this phase. You may get a promotion in this period and reward yourself with a promising career and progress. You may get indulged in charity and social work during this period.

You may get a chance to travel to a foreign country in this phase of Mahadasha. You may be spiritually inclined during this period. You may see an increase in income, and at the same time, there may be a rise in your expenditure due to the association with the twelfth house. You may feel weak from the inside if there is any malefic effect of Saturn in your birth chart. You may experience dissatisfaction and lack of peace in your life, and also, there may be conflicts and issues in your family. You may start taking an interest in religion and spirituality in this phase.

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You may feel your life is coming back on track eventually after a lot of struggle and hard work, and your life goes in a positive direction. The good and untroublesome Saturn in your birth chart may bring happiness in your married life, and you may be able to spend a lot of time with your loved ones. You are more likely to spend on comforts and luxuries in this phase. You may find progress in your career and can also get a promotion in this phase of Mahadasha. Due to the malefic effect of Saturn in your horoscope, you may suffer some issues related to your eyes and may also suffer from fever. In this phase, you may find straining relationships with your spouse and bring some trouble in your married life due to the malefic effects of the planet.

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You may find hindrances in your professional life, and there may be a delay in attaining your goals. You may have some arguments and conflicts with your father and also find problems with authority. You may feel vulnerable and may go into deep wanderlust due to false accusation and detachment from your family members.

Your enemies may bring obstacles in your life and may try to drag you down. This period of Mahadasha may bring sufferings to your health and may feel agitated due to mental stress. You may suffer from health ailments like headache, fever and heart-related problems.

This phase may bring a negative impact on your life. You may experience restlessness, indifferences, mental tension, and depression due to problems on the personal and professional front.

You may feel lonely and mentally weak. Your enemies may also increase in this period, and they may not leave any stone unturned to trouble you. You may also experience financial ups and downs. It will help if you are involved in spiritual activities to reduce its effects and attain mental peace.

Mars may increase aggression inside you. You may feel authoritative and dominant in this phase. Hence this attitude may bring some problems in your relationships. You should keep control of your temper and not use harsh words; otherwise, you must face the consequences.

During this Antardasha, you may have some conflicts with your life partner and may lead to separation. Some may suffer from allergies on your skin in this period. Your enemies try to harm you and spoil your image.

You may also experience some losses in your career, which may devoid you in attaining your personal goals. New joiners in the job or workplace should be highly alert in this phase of Maha Dasha.

You may involve yourself in unnecessary conflicts during this phase of Mahadasha. You may face doubts and obstacles in your life, which may stride you from the path of success in your life. You have to put extra efforts into this phase.

You may suffer from mental distress and face tension in your life. You come up in this period with your effort and don’t keep false hope of support and assistance from others.

You may also face some downtrend in your career and position. It would help if you were careful while dealing with people. On the positive side of this phase of Mahadasha, you may get the chance to travel abroad.

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Saturn is associated with wisdom and spirituality, and Jupiter is a beneficial planet so that Jupiter would reduce the negative impact of Saturn on you.

This is Shani Mahadasha’s last phase. You may have a lot of courage again and will power to fight against your enemies. The benefic presence of Jupiter would give a boost to your knowledge and wisdom.

Happiness in your family life is assured in this phase of Mahadasha. You may find your career on the right track and feel some ease off your mental pressure. You may involve yourself in spiritual activities during this phase of Mahadasha. You may feel overall relief in Jupiter Antardasha.

Saturn Mahadasha as Per the Ascendant
We just saw how the effects of the Shani Dasha affects the planets. Now let us go ahead and read about its impact as per the ascendant or the Lagna.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Aries Lagna
For the Aries ascendant, Shani is the lord of the 10th house. This may create malefic effects such as you may face problems in your work, you may lose money and wealth as the 10th house stands for career and professional life.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Taurus Lagna
Shani for Taurus is very beneficial. It even becomes a raj yoga Karak. Saturn is the lord of both the 10th and the 9th house, which means that natives are blessed with name, fame, wealth, networking with the rich, success is a career, promotion, affluence etc.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Gemini Lagna
Shani, for the Gemini folks, is the lord of the 8th and the 9th house. So the natives could hoard ample benefits during the dasha and the antardasha. Wealth, professional progress, spiritual development would be all part of the excellent package.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Cancer Lagna
Planet Saturn is not very good for Cancer ascendant folks, as it is the lord of the 7th and the 8th house in the janampatri, which could be very malefic, as it can create all types of problems under the sky for the natives. Business issues, losses, martial problem etc

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Leo Lagna
Saturn is the lord of the 7th and the 6th house for the Leo ascendant natives. This combination is not considered very auspicious as this can cause turbulence of all sorts in the life of the natives, Health issues, problems with enemies, hefty loans etc.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Virgo Lagna
Saturn is considered one of the auspicious planets for the folks of Virgo Lagna. It is the lord of the 6th, which is not very good, but the lord of the 5th house is deemed beneficial alongside it. During the dashas and maha Dasha, it helps the natives with a promising career, immense knowledge and higher education.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Libra Lagna
Just like Taurus, Saturn is auspicious for Libra ascendant folk. Saturn rules the four and the 5th house. It creates a Raj Yog Karak here as well. You may get all the success, worldly things, happiness, knowledge, vital networking etc.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Scorpio Lagna
For the Scorpio Lagna, Saturn is the lord of the 3rd and 4th house. This is not considered as auspicious. However, it does not get all bad results, as it could get success in academic, general well being and overall happiness.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Sagittarius Lagna
The folks born under the sag Lagna may not have the optimistic influence of Saturn. Nineteen years of Shani mahadasha may get problems such as internal disputes, loss in properties etc.

Only if posited in the 11th, 9th, or the 2nd house produces sound effects in life.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Capricorn Lagna
Saturn is the lord of the Capricorn zodiac sign and is benefic to the ascendant. Saturn is lord for the 1st and the 2nd house. This would be everything good for the Lagna natives, such as knowledge, friendship at the high place home.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Aquarius Lagna
Shani is the lord of the Aquarius Lagna and the lord of the 12th house. This is a promising combination, and hence the natives are blessed with health, wealth, social status, travels.

Shani Ki Mahadasha for Pisces Lagna
Saturn is not a benefic planet for the Pisces Lagna folks. It is the lord of the 11th and 12th house. This is considered malefic and could get losses in income, knowledge etc.

Below are the positive effects that planet Saturn could create in the lives of the natives.

Shani Mahadasha is when planet Saturn is placed favourably in the janampatri. It brings a lot of worldly success, like an increase in wealth and riches. There is a significant increase in victory as well that the natives can see. It is, in fact, so strong that the natives will find opportunities of success knocking at their doorstep even without putting in any effort.

Also, it helps in setting a solid foothold in society, making friends at all high ranks and places.

Along with the solid outer and worldly success, natives get blessed with stable internal health and the courage to face new challenges.

Below are a few malefic effects that Saturn could create in the life of the natives

If Shani is not placed in a favourable position, it could make the natives restless, sorrowful, impact their income, lose friends and close ones.

It could get all kinds of unpleasant experiences in life.

Nothing would be a cakewalk, and it may be like walking on the path of thorns.

Another malefic quality that is associated is detachment, detachment from family, worldly things.

  1. You should perform Rudrabhishek to heal the effect of Mahadasha. You can even pour water on Shivling every Monday and Saturday.
  2. You should recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday and Saturday in the temple to calm the effect of Shani or Saturn.
  3. You can pour cow milk with sesame seeds and water every Saturday on Shivling.
  4. You can see your shadow in mustard oil and donate it to attain the confidence of Saturn.
  5. Apply mustard oil on your body before going to bed.
  6. You can create a positive impact on Saturn Mahadasha by wearing black clothes.

Do you know which Mahadasha is going on in your life? Is this going to give you beneficial or malefic results?

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Saturn Sade Sati is seven and a half years. It begins when Saturn occupies the house preceding Natal Moon. Saturn spends two and a half years each sign, and hence Sade Sati starts when Saturn or Shani enters into the twelfth house from Natal Moon and remains till it leaves the second house from Natal Moon.

You usually experience Sade Sati twice in your life as Shani or Saturn stays two and a half years in each sign, so it will take thirty years to complete one round of all Zodiac Signs. All of us get fear when it comes to Sade Sati because of its ill effects.

Saturn being a malefic planet, you have to struggle more in this period. Saturn punishes us for our mistakes to teach us life lessons as it is a Karma Yogi Planet. You may feel distressed and confused in this period.

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  1. You should recite any mantra of Shani 23000 times to protect yourself from a malefic position of Saturn or a bad combination of Saturn with other planets. You can start reciting 108 times from Saturday of Shukla Paksha every evening and may create magic.
  2. You can recite the Shani mantra by performing Mahadasha Havan.
  3. It is compulsory to read Shani Stotra Path. You start reading from Saturday in Shukla Paksha and should read daily once after that. By practising this, you can get mental peace.
  4. Every Saturday, lit a lamp with mustard oil under the Peepal tree. You should not buy oil and a lamp on Saturday.
  5. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa daily to attain good results.

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