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Remedies Of Effects Of Solar Eclipse, August 2008

Remedies Of Effects Of Solar Eclipse, August 2008

On August 01, 2008, a Solar Eclipse will take place. We will discuss the effects of the Solar Eclipse in the Cancer sign on the stock market and on the friends who deal in shares.

There is a conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ketu and Venus in the Cancer sign. As this conjunction occurs in a watery sign, there is a possibility that mortality rate might rise as people may get affected by the diseases borne due to water. Sea animals may perish and due to heavy rains in some regions there may be floods.

Solar Eclipse will occur between 13:34 to 18:08. As this Solar Eclipse occurs in the Pushya Nakshatra, the people under it have to be very careful. Also Capricorn, Cancer and Leo will weaken due to it.

Due to the eclipse there may be changes in the prices and sales of commodities like rice, ghee, salt, silver, edible oil, turmeric, crude oil and milk products. In commodities like wheat, sugar, copper, oats etc there may be a slack period.

As this eclipse occurs on Friday there may be a fall in the price of cotton which may prevail for three months. After this phase it may get back to its original level slowly and steadily.

There may be rise in purchases of diamonds, clothes, cosmetics, etc. From August 09, 2008 to October 08, 2008 the sentiment in the share market may get disturbed, hence, do not be in haste of purchasing new stocks It would be more profitable to trade on the basis of average in the existing scrips.

From October 09, 2008 to November 03, 2008 the sentiments would improve but to not to the extent that you can recover your loss.

From August 01, 2008 to August 08, 2008 the undertone of the stock market will be strong. But the market may face difficulty in rising upwards. Investors should bear in mind that after November 24, 2008 their investment will be rewarding and accordingly make changes in their portfolio.

The eclipse will occur in the fourth house hence Arians need to be cautious in matters of property, vehicle etc.


  1. A fast on every Sunday for 21 weeks and taking food items which are white in colour.
  2. Arians can also offer a pinch of Kanku and rice mixed in pure water to Lord Sun.

As the eclipse will occur in the third house, Taurians should not take any new move and be where they are.


  1. Chant the mantra ‘Om hrim hrom Suryaye Namah’
  2. Recite the Harivansh path.

As the eclipse will occur in the second house, do not spoil your relations with others due to your speech. And be cautious in spending your money.


  1. Om Dhruni Suryaye Namah- Mantra should be chanted.
  2. Geminians can pray ‘Peepal’ tree or offer water to it.

Cancer– As the eclipse will occur in the ascendant, you may face problems related to your health.


  1. Chant the matra ‘Om Hram Hrim Hrom Sah Suryaye Namah’ and
  2. Om Surya Namah.

Leo– As the eclipse will occur in the twelfth house, you may get stuck in court cases unnecessarily.


  1. Chant the following mantra on the Solar Eclipse day- Om Dhruni Suryaye Aadi Vyom
  2. Japa Kusum Sankasham Kashyapeyam Mahadhyutim, Tamorim Sarvapaagnam Pranatosim divakaram

Virgo – As the eclipse will occur in the Eleventh house, profits may not come to you easily.


  1. One should get the mantra ‘Aa Krishnen Vedokta’ recited by a Brahman

Libra– As the eclipse will occur in the Tenth house, you may have differences of opinion with your father. In your professional field you may face problems with your immediate boss.


  1. Librans should get a spelled Surya Yantra installed and perform ablutions

As the eclipse will occur in the Ninth house, luck may not favour you. So do not blame your destiny as you may find remedies through prayers.


  1. After taking the advice of an astrologer, Scorpios can wear the Garnet Gem.

As the eclipse will occur in the Eighth house, you may face a sudden financial loss. So be cautious in any financial deals.


  1. Sagittarians can give wheat, red ruby, red coloured clothes, Jaggery, Cow along with a calf, gold and copper in alms.

Capricorn– As the eclipse will occur in the Seventh house, you may have a difference of opinion with not only your partners in business but also with the partner of your life.


  1. Take care of your father, grand father and elders and you can minimise the effect of this eclipse.

Aquarius– As the eclipse will occur in the sixth house, your physical health may get affected. You may face obstacles in professional life.


  1. Recite ‘Surya Kavach’ or give alms to blind people.

Pisces– As the eclipse will occur in the fifth house, students may get less marks and those dealing in stock market may face losses.


  1. Recite the ‘Aditya Hriday strot’

During the eclipse one can pray, do penance,

One can also give alms after the completion of the the eclipse.

Jains can recite the mantra ‘Om Hrim Padmaprabhu Namastubhyam Mamah Shanti Shanti’


‘Shri Gautam Swami Namah’

However, all these remedies should be done only after consulting an expert astrologer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,