's wonderful track record of delivering acurate predictions! 11) Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the Captaincy Challenge

For Captain Cool Dhoni, the past few months haven't proved to be too memorable and there have been a lot of hurdles in his path, so much so that there are questions being raised about his efficiency as the skipper! But we had predicted a long time back only that things won't be all pleasant for him!

/m-s-dhoni-captaincy-challenge-2015.action 12) Bollywood and the Khans

The Khans have always been to be be in the spotlight with their great charisma and astounding stardom! But there is always an element of competition and comparison that gets attached to them, which gives rise to a lot of speculation about who will reign supreme. Even in this tricky zone, we managed to correctly predict how things may unfold for the mighty actors and how controversies may make things tricky for the three of them!

/fortunes-of-top-3-bollywood-khans-in-2015.action 13) Bajirao Mastani Film Predictions

"Bajirao Mastani may go on to become one of the grandest visual treats in recent times!"

– Not only this, but we also predicted how Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka may get nominated for some awards and which categories of the film may get nominated for the top honours! This is Astrology for you!

/bajirao-mastani-film-predictions-astrological-preview-2015.action 14) ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

"Host nations to rule the roost in ICC CWC 2015, suggest the stars!"

- Weren't we spot on this prediction? To add to your awe, we would also like to tell you, that we predicted correctly even the probable fates of India, Australia and other top countries!


/real-estate-sector-in-india-in-2015.action 15) Enhancement of India's Global Image

We are all witnessing how India is shining bright and how it's image has got a boost internationally in the past few months! But we had predicted this almost a year ago, and see how true it is turning out to be!



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