Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn 2021 – A Fresh Start & Solid Foundation!

Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn 2021 – A Fresh Start & Solid Foundation!

Divine Jupiter is the most powerful planet in Vedic astrology, and it is the only planet that never harms or has ill effects on anyone’s life. Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, religion, law and higher education. Jupiter is the karaka of wealth, and for a woman, it represents a husband as well. On the other hand, Saturn represents sorrow, limitations, restrictions, delays and hardships. Saturn is the real taskmaster as it is the significator of Moksha, which is the ultimate destination of anyone’s life. Many consider Saturn as fiery, but practically, it plays a crucial role in all the important events of our life like Education, Career, Business and Marriage.

Alternatively, Capricorn is the sign of stability, organisation, hard work and goal setting. Bearing the symbol of Sea-Goat, Capricorn is ruled by taskmaster Saturn.

With the double transit magic starting from Sept 18, 2021, Saturn will be transiting through Capricorn, and at the same time, Jupiter will retrograde and come back to Capricorn. So during this time, Saturn and Jupiter will transit through Capricorn, which will create powerful energy.

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What Does This Conjunction Mean?

It is one great conjunction and will create a vast and remarkable effect on all of us. Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn will bring a lot of stability and solidity for the future. It will create a new kickstart for all of us where we will face sudden changes as well. Capricorn is the sign of long term goals, and this speciality will indeed impose through Saturn and Jupiter. We will see new growth and development economically, which again will bring all things back on track.

Our approach towards life will change. We will come up with new thinking and belief systems in our lives. No doubt, this will bring a new level of living pattern. And, we will surely get all solutions to our specific concerns like career, promotion, love and married life. This will give us a clear idea now about what we should expect and what to let go of. It will teach us to move on in our lives now.

Even though this great conjunction will bring many good things to our lives, as per the Moon sign, it will affect every sign differently, so let’s talk about this and how it will create an impact on the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Aries

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give very beneficial results to the Aries Moon sign. Promotion in the job is likely to be there for you. You are likely to be very practical and serious about your work which may catch everyone’s eye. The good news, a job change is also possible. You are likely to try and put effort this time to get the desired organisation. Your status may increase, and your name with fame may soar higher. You are likely to be very bold and courageous at work. Students may be thrilled, and education may be their strong focus this time. Lovebirds are likely to enjoy this time and may take all necessary steps to strengthen their relationship. Good times for priests and scientists are likely to come up with new inventions that may be quite helpful for humanity.
Remedy: Apply a paste of Turmeric on your forehead.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Taurus

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn is likely to give good results for the Taurus Moon sign this time. Travelling related to work is a possibility. You are likely to be very religious and spiritual during this time. You may evaluate all your principles and accept necessary changes. Excellent time for lawyers as success is assured. Legal issues are likely to be solved. Good times for students and as luck is in their favour. There is an unlimited possibility of the study tour. Graduate students may think about pursuing Masters, and no doubt, the ones doing a Master degree are most likely to receive their postgraduate degree. Visiting pilgrimages are likely to be your priority this time. Foreign tours may also be beneficial. Lovebirds are likely to travel and have fun. New romance and love can be found.
Remedy: Chant Mahakali mantra at least 12 times a day.

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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Gemini

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give mixed results to the Gemini Moon sign this time. This is the time you are likely to introspect yourself. Your life may face sudden change, and you might not be prepared for it. You might find something new this time that may be new to others too. Your interest in research may increase. A Good time for the jewellery business and gemstones. Unexpected events are high and sudden gain might be possible. Relations with in-laws are likely to be better. Lovebirds are likely to meet very secretly. A sudden new love might be possible for the singles. Students’ minds are likely to be active and bring astonishing results. You might be reserved in your approach, but at the same time, try to experience new things in your life.
Remedy: Feed jaggery to cows on Thursday.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Cancer

A happy time for the Cancer Moon sign. Excellent time to plan your marriage. Singles who want to tie the knot may surely meet someone and get married. Lovebirds are likely to be very serious and may take their relationship to a new level. A Good time for businesses. Problems in business are likely to start reducing, and partnerships may strengthen. A new business might be possible. Travelling to other cities is expensive. Legal issues are likely to be solved, and your success is high. Divorce issues may settle, and finally, there may be a conclusion. Good times for artists as art may flourish, and they are likely to rule with their talent. Students may have a good time and are likely to impress their parents with performance. Also, teachers may be very happy for you.
Remedy: Make sweet food on Full Moon day.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Leo

Saturn and Jupiter transit in Capricorn will affect the Leo Moon sign very differently this time. Daily life routines may be at their best. Your health may improve, and you should make all the necessary efforts to maintain it. Good time to exercise and gymming. You might gain a new job. Aggression may be at its peak, which again can create problems for you. Your enemies are likely to be afraid of you. You may feel motivated. Success in competition is assured. Control on food and eat proper food as chances are there to visit hospitals. Losses in investments are likely to start improving. The loan may start reducing. Students must keep their health good or concentration might affect. Lovebirds must handle love life carefully, as some disputes in love life can be indicated. Single people must avoid commitment.
Remedy: Offer water to Lord Sun every morning.

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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Virgo

Virgo Moon signs will have a good time with the help of transiting Jupiter and Saturn this time. Students are likely to have a blast and have fun. Study may not be a concern for them. Freedom may be there. Children are likely to be happy and have a good conversation with their parents. Picnic is there. Parents may take time to make their children happy. Creativity may be at its best for artists. Excellent time for performance and creative expression. A new evolution in the arts might be possible. Stock market and gambling may feel positive and financial concerns are likely to start reducing. Love life may be at its best, and lovebirds are likely to enjoy romance. Singles may feel confident and make efforts to commit. Stability in love life may be there. Good time for investments in the educational field.
Remedy: Read Shani Kavach stotra.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Libra

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give good results for the Libra Moon sign. Good time to reinvent your home. Buying new property may be on the top of the list. Land deals are likely to be very smooth. Spouses may be very happy for their soulmates. The mother may be happy, and you are likely to take care of her. You might buy a new car. Desire to bring harmony and peace may be the best thing this time for you. Students are likely to clearly talk to their parents, and problems can be solved. Children may feel very close to their grandparents. Name and fame can be achieved. Lovebirds are likely to be happy and might introduce their love to their parents. Heart problems may start reducing. In-laws are likely to be happy, and relations may be better.
Remedy: Read Durga Chalisa every Friday.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Scorpio

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give good results for the Scorpio Moon sign. You are likely to have adventures this time and travelling may give you happiness. Your relations with your siblings are likely to improve. Your desire level may be more, and you might bring some new desires this time. Very good times for artists as creativity is likely to be better. Actors’ performance at its best. Good time for writers, and you might feel like writing a book. Communication may be good, which may bring clear understanding. Good time for journalists and the media. Attending concerts is likely to bring happiness to your life. Students may be motivated and want to perform well in their studies. Romantic lovers must be alert this time and trust each other. Trust may be the key factor to maintain good relationships for lovebirds.
Remedy: Read Vishnu Sahasranam every Wednesday.

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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Sagittarius

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give very good results for the Sagittarius Moon sign. Excellent time to make a strong bank balance. You are likely to get new sources to earn more money. All the financial concerns may start to be reduced now if you have them. Your family life may be very good, and problems are likely to start reducing. Celebrations of anniversaries and birthdays may bring joy to your life. You are likely to feel wealthy, and your values may be the key factors for you. You are likely to see it and make sure of what you need to keep with yourself. Interest in research may be there, and you are likely to be very curious this time. Students may feel very happy in family life. Love life may be good. The time is right for those who are looking forward to a second marriage.
Remedy: Wear Yellow colour clothes every Thursday.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Capricorn

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give very good results for the Capricorn Moon sign. A new start in personal life can be felt. You are likely to be very much serious and practical towards your own belief system. Your ego might increase. You may make sure that all the things which are remaining in your life may be the centre this time. Your confidence may be higher. Also, a very good time to plan a marriage. You are likely to talk to your partner about it and put all your effort together. New love can be found, and commitment may be quicker and faster. You are likely to not be casual in love this time. Breakups are also possible. Stay alert in this. Students are likely to be more involved in their studies. The study may be on their mind, and they feel that succeeding in it may be a major concern. Seriousness in education may work for students.
Remedy: Donate Urad daal every Saturday.

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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Aquarius

Transiting Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn will bring mixed results for the Aquarius Moon sign. Excellent time for foreign travel and settlement. Those who wish to travel must take advantage of this golden conjunction period. Your expenses are likely to be controlled this time, and you may be happy about it. You are likely to become very spiritual as well, and others may feel very surprised by this. Health problems are likely to start reducing. However, you need to control your diet and do proper planning for health with this conjunction. Yoga and meditation may give you immense strength, and your interest may increase. Students might feel disinterested in their studies, but meditation may help them a lot. Make maximum use of it. A visit to an ashram may give you immense pleasure. Lovebirds might feel detached from their love life. Possibilities of a breakup high.
Remedy: Make a fast every Saturday.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction For Pisces

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may give very favourable results for the Pisces Moon sign this time. Excellent time for investments. You are likely to be active and may invest in new things, which may give you a strong foundation for future gains. All problems in business are likely to start reducing, and you may finally get the output. The involvement of spouses is likely to bring success. Your friend circle may be large and enjoyable this time. Fortunately, you might become an entrepreneur as well. Children are likely to be happy, and family life may be good. Students are likely to be jolly and invest a lot of time in sports. They may be busy in it and study might get affected. Try to balance it. On the love note, – Love life may be good. It may be very intimate as couples are likely to value love for each other. Singles may be happy with their loneliness as they are likely to be very busy in their own world.
Remedy: Visit Dutt Mandir every Thursday.

So, this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter may kick start many things in our lives after this pandemic. We all needed much relief this time to start a new life again, which will give a lot of positive energy. Stability is the speciality of the Capricorn zodiac sign, and transiting Lord Saturn and divine Jupiter through it will surely help us to move ahead in our lives.

We just have to witness these amazing energy results for our successful future!

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