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Upcoming Mercury Sun-Mars Triple Transit And Its Effect on The 12 Moon Signs

Mercury Sun, Mars Triple Transit in Leo, three powerful planets are coming together for the Mercury Sun Mars triple transit, and when strong planets come together, turbulence is caused. This transit is no exception, as it can affect us all around. We can finally wait for some changes in our lives now.

This Sun-Mars Mercury transit may get our energy, ability to work hard, and living spirit back again with the Sun, Mercury and Mars transit in Leo, which may energise us all around. We may be able to enjoy our creativity and have fun. Our daily life may be good, and we can expect more changes for a brighter future from now on.

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Moving forward, let us go ahead and see what Sun Mars Mercury transit in Leo has in store for all the 12 moon signs.

You may take part in fun activities, and it may please you. Relationships with children may get better. Hence, make the most of it and spend quality time with them. It is a good time for the entertainment business. You may get perks related to the government that may favour you. Excellent time for new love life and singles. Don’t wait now. It’s time to let your actions speak louder than words. You might feel special and need the attention of others too. Control on it, or it may affect you in the coming time.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Offer Water to Sun in the morning and pray his mantra.

It’s time to enjoy your family life. Your patience is likely to pay off now, and you may get much-needed support from them too. A new room or property may bring success for you. You might change your interior decor and add new lavish things to it. Family history may interest you, and you might feel more aware of it. Grandparents’ health may get better. Communication might increase your curiosity. You might visit a new lavish restaurant too and feel like eating different types of food too. Heart disease problems are likely to reduce, and you would feel much better this time.

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Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Keep a fast on Friday and read Mahakali stotra.

You may be more active and feel like travelling. Visiting hill stations and trekking chances are high. Many multitasking ideas might come to your mind, and you may be bold and try to maintain balance. But concentrate on one thing at a time. Your communication may be very stubborn and confident. You may express yourself more, and hence success can be assured. Good time for musicians and singers as your true creative talent might surprise others. It’s time to publish your books and writers to attain name and fame.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durva.

Past issues and problems in your family life may also start reducing. You may evaluate your values and may make significant changes this time. You may plan a stable routine for future success. Financial concerns may start being solved now, and you may get more opportunities to earn more money. New investment might be possible. Excellent time for marriage. Planning can bring you success. Good time if planning to go for a 2nd marriage. You might demand more loyalty and reliability in relationships.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Read Kaal Bhairav stotra every Monday.

You may need to feel more special and demand royalty. Your pride and ego, too, might increase, which can affect your relationships with others. It’s time to go for sports and outdoor activities as this may bring happiness to your life. You are less emotional, and it might create problems on the professional front, so stay alert in it. Your desire to express yourself and your creative side might be more. You might end your exciting love life, and it’s time to go for a new relationship.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Visit Shivling and offer milk and Belpatra.

New creative work may work in your favour. You might fantasise more, and indeed if you are an artist, then you can’t expect a better time than this. All your fantasies can work very smoothly and bring success to your work. You might identify your feelings and emotions in a faraway place. Yes, it’s time to visit a new country too and take a break from others too. You might be very spiritual, and following a Guru in your life also brings new waves to your life.

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Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Donate Red sarees to poor girls.

New friendships might be possible. Your creativity may need to be admired so that you might be excessively aggressive too. Your thoughts might be very new and inspiring; make maximum use of them. Your leadership quality is going to get polished. The new business may bring success for you. The sudden new partnership might surprise you. You may enjoy the ceremonial events of marriage and open your eyes, and you might meet your soulmate. New love life is also predicted for singles.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama every Thursday.

A new job or promotion may surely bring success for you—an excellent time for students to clear competitive exams. Jobs in the government sector might turn out to be successful for you. Good time for politicians as well, and new positions can be attained. Higher authorities are likely to make reasonable changes for the betterment of people. You are going to be more ambitious and plan goals for your future. Also, be a bit more determined and focused in your workplace. A good bond with your father can be created, and past issues may start to resolve soon.

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Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Offer Green clothes to eunuch on Wednesday.

It’s time to travel and free yourself from past worries. New adventure activities may bring tremendous joy to you. Travelling to pilgrimage places can make you happy. It’s time to be more spiritual and religious. A sudden foreign trip might be possible. Relocation for work might be there for you. Students may bring success, and it’s time to complete your post-graduation now. You may be more philosophical as well, and philanthropic activities can bring success for you—an excellent time to start a new relationship and a good time for a long term relationship as well.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Offer Green clothes to eunuch on Wednesday.

You might need more emotional depth—an amazing time to research something new. Your creativity might be very transformative and make some unexpected changes in your life. Good time for Doctors and their careers. Scientists may also get success in their experiments as well. Sudden health issues might come up, but if you are careful, then you might not have any problems. Singles must be cautious as you might require passion and loyalty in love which might not suit your needs. A sudden break-up is also possible.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.

You may need more justice and harmony. Excellent time for a ceremonial marriage event; make maximum use of it. If not, planning events may also bring success to you—a good time to start your own business. Sudden new partnerships might be possible but be careful if you want long term. Your social life may be more active. Good time for lawyers, as their careers may pick up. It’s time to take your relationship to the next level.

Sun, Mars, and Mercury Remedies: Donate a Red, Yellow, or Green saree to a newlywed girl.

It’s time to free yourself and be physically more active. You are going to be more fitness enthusiastic, and joining the gym is likely to be your main priority. Health might affect, and visiting hospitals might be possible. Your daily life can be more active, and your skills are also enhanced. Sudden promotion is possible, and enemies might also increase; stay alert. Loss in investment is also possible, so carefully make investments. A sudden breakup in love life might be possible, and misunderstanding might be a significant concern. Carefully handle situations, and singles must see to whom they commit.

Sun, Mars, Mercury Remedies: Read Bhagwatgita for getting promising results of planets.

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