Know Sun Transit Affects On Twelve Zodiac Signs

Kanya Sankranti 2019

Sankranti means transit of the planet Sun from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign, and in totality, there are twelve Sankranti occur in a solar year.

Kanya Sankranti is connected with the zodiac sign of Virgo and which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mainly it is also having an impact on the three major stars which is Uttaraphalguni, Hasta and Chitra respectively.

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In totality Kanya (Virgo) Sankranti affects on twelve zodiac signs:

1.Mesh or Aries

The planet Sun will be transiting in the sixth house, which is connected with health, negotiation and service. Overall, Aries natives are going to gain good momentum with connected with service and job. They would be best at their negotiation part and getting a positive aspect from some elders is also foreseen. Try to be more attentive when it comes to the health aspect. Read more about Aries.

2. Vrishabh or Taurus

The planet Sun will be transiting in the fifth house, which is associated with intelligence, knowledge and progeny. In totality, this transit will give you good results and a kind of expansion would also be present in your life. Read more about Taurus.

3. Mithun or Gemini

The planet Sun will be transiting in the fourth house, which is connected with home, mother, mental peace and luxury things. It indicates that your mother guidance would be forthright, and you would many positive aspects connected with home and livelihood. Read more about Gemini.

4. Karak or Cancer

The Planet Sun will be transiting in the third house, which is connected with courage, confidence, siblings and short journeys. It denotes that you would be able to make some positive decision in this period and due to this, your life is going to get changed in a positive way. Read more about Cancer.

5. Simha or Leo

The planet Sun will be transiting in the second house, which is called fiscal and family house. It shows positive results with respect to your expansion, and familial members would also prove to be supportive. Read more about Leo.

6. Kanya or Virgo

The planet Sun will be transiting in the same sign, which is also connected with physical, self and mindset. In totality, the period would bring lots of happier momentum and make you more contended in your life. Read more about Virgo.

7. Tula or Libra

The planet Sun will be transiting in the twelfth house, which shows some sorts of disappointments and unwanted activities, so it is advisable to be more attentive and focused when it comes to money and relationship aspect. Read more about Libra.

8. Vrishikh or Scorpio

The planet Sun will be transiting in the eleventh house, it says you will be benefited, and it would prove to be a fulfilling desire period for you. Elder’s advice should be considered on a serious level so it will prove to be good for you. Read more about Scorpio.

9. Dhanu or Sagittarius

The Planet Sun will be transiting in the tenth house, it signifies that you would start something new and your career aspect would also shine to a certain extent. Read more about Sagittarius.

10. Makar or Capricorn

The planet Sun will be transiting in the ninth house, and it will give you the inner strength to perform well in all your relevant areas of life. At the same time, you would get into some philanthropic activities as well. Read more about Capricorn.

11. Kumbh or Aquarius

The planet Sun will be transiting in the eighth house which is creating some obstacles in your work and personal life but being pragmatic and realistic would give good notions to work on your negative aspect, and things would prove to be positive as well. Read more about Aquarius.

12. Meen or Pisces

The planet Sun will be transiting in the seventh house, which is highly connected with commitment, relationship, business and marriage as well. In totality, the time frame would bring quick and adaptive kind of results in your life. Relationship and work-wise you will be able to get desire fulfilling results on your own. Read more about Pisces.

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