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Delhi Assembly Elections

Delhi Assembly Elections

Introduction: The voting to assembly elections has already started. The battle is on between the major political parties- Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). The last Delhi assembly poll was comprehensively won by Congress, but the scenario has changed a lot since then. In the light of this Ganesha predicts the fate of the the incumbent Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Sheila Dikshit’s Lagna Chart


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The incumbent Chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit has a powerful chart. Sun, the planet of power and politics is placed in the 10th house itself making her chart powerful. There are several notable Yogas in her chart. The exchange of the 9th house Lord Saturn with the 10th house Lord Jupiter is spectacular and has played a significant role in her political success. The Ascendant Lord Mercury is placed with Venus and Mars which makes her excellent strategist and an impressive orator.

She is currently running Mars-Rahu-Venus period. The Dashanath Mars is well placed in the 11th house in its own sign but Rahu is in the 8th house from Mars. The transiting Rahu is moving in the 8th house which might create a chaos for her. Mars is strong in the D-10 chart but Rahu in the 12th house of D-10 chart is indicating tough fight and possible dissent within the party.

On the date of poll, the transiting Moon and Sun along with Mars would be moving in the 6th house over the natal Rahu, which looks challenging. However, Sheila Dikshit will definitely try hard to get a possible victory by her efforts.

On the other hand, BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Vijay Kumar Malhotra, has favourble Jupiter and Rahu transiting phase but he is under the influence of the middle phase of Sadeshati. The planetary influences on the poll date looks better for him.

Mayavati has favourble transiting Jupiter trine Venus and Mars. The Sun- Venus exchange may boost her morale. The Poll date transit is also in her favour. BSP may well expand on their vote base and may play a significant role on few seats.

The overall condition looks very complex as neither Sheila Dikshit nor Vijay Kumar Malhotra has comprehensively favorable planetary conditions during the elections. The strength of Congress in the Assembly may reduce and BJP can expect better results and increase in the Assembly seats. But the margin of winning may be significantly low. Although Delhi has traditionally been dominated by the two parties – the Congress and the BJP, the third party factor may also play an important role in the elections.

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