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Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 13th July to 19th July 2014

Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 13th July to 19th July 2014

As per the Western Tropical Planetary PositionsOverview (Starry Specials)
This will be a week of many notable planetary events. Starting Sunday, 13th July 2014, you shall see a sudden surge in everyone’s desire to indulge in discussions and debates. Beware, for many of these talks may have a tendency to spiral into arguments, thanks to Mercury, Sun and Jupiter – all three planets getting posited in the Zodiac Sign Cancer. Since Cancer is a home-loving Sign, expect many of these debates to be home related. Mercury’s influence shall ensure that many of you will be at your logical best, speaking your mind. Jupiter will add to this by inducing expansion in all that’s attempted. Thankfully, the Sun’s presence shall act as a restraint on this charged up scenario, as both Mercury and Jupiter will get combust, by going too near to Sun, and shall thus lose some of their fervour. Still, Ganesha advises you to keep away from situations that may lead to disputes. Rather, spend the weekend rejuvenating yourself.

Mars and Rahu in degreecal conjunction in Libra – 13th July 2014 – This will be an unstable conjunction for personal as well as professional partnerships. Your social image may also be at stake. Avoid aggressive behaviour in public, and steer clear of disputes with your life partner or business partner. Things may seem so grim that you may feel like taking some extreme steps – calling off an engagement, filing for a divorce, dissolving a long term business association – may be in your thoughts. Hold your horses,, and let this delicate phase pass! Then, take a decision, maybe next week/ fortnight.

Later in the week, Jupiter enters Leo on 17th July 2014, in what shall be a major astrological event. The benefits of this transit shall last a year, and people with Sun Signs Leo and Taurus stand to benefit the most. Aries and Sagittarius too shall get plenty of positive results, especially if they have research, higher education, philanthropy etc. as their goals. Excellent period for academic endeavours. People waiting to conceive a child also stand to benefit, and so do the ones involved in sporting activities. However, the results shall be evenly spread over the course of a year, and shall also depend on Personal stars. Don’t expect immediate results, says Ganesha.

Towards the fag end of the week, on 19th July 2014, Venus, Mercury and Sun shall meet in Cancer, and this aspect’s positive impact shall last for 4 to 5 days. On domestic front, peace shall be resumed. Expect some guests, though. Discussions with parents, especially the father/ father figure, buying of an asset or a luxury/ comfort item like a vehicle and/or home renovation projects shall be favoured now. With so much happening on the planetary front, it makes sense to get a personalised idea about how will all this apply to your life specifically. Speak to an Astrologer NOW!


Business shall be comparatively stable, yet may not very encouraging, during this week. The first few days of the week shall be usual, while the latter part of the week would definitely be much better, in terms of business and returns. Ones in a job shall learn that being emotional at work-place would not be a good thing to do, says Ganesha. Since Mercury is positioned in Cancer, you may be unable to entirely detach yourself from this emotional bit, though. Anyway, you shall gradually and surely realise the same, and would be much better placed by the weekend. Moreover, Ganesha feels that during this week you shall try to meet the expectations of your superiors, and this will probably inspire you to work with higher enthusiasm. Wishing to know more about Career matters? Makes sense, with so much happening on the planetary front. Get a detailed, quarter-wise and 100% personalised 3 years Career Report, done based your unique Birth Chart.

The first part of the week may not be very encouraging for love and dating. Whereas, the period from 18th to 20th July shall be relatively more exciting. Those who have never fallen in love, shall get a chance to sing romantic songs for someone during the second half of this week. You may also suddenly realise that you have a passion for someone. Yet think twice before you go ahead. The main reason is, Venus is going to enter Cancer, which has a tendency to move on (as Cancer is like ‘flowing water’ and not ‘stagnant water’ like Scorpio). Hence, if you start a relationship, you shall probably want to take some time before committing to someone. Moreover, if you are not serious about the relationship, don’t fiddle around. Confused? Get an astrological perspective! Get a Compatibility Assessment Report to find what stars say for your love match. Keep ready your and your beloved’s birth details.

Venus, Sun, and Mercury are positioned together in Cancer. Hence, relations with all the family members shall improve now. Frank and open-hearted discussions are also likely to happen among the family members. You may also invite guests or arrange a party, during this week. Domestic issues shall considerably stabilise now. You may also concentrate deeply on personal and domestic matters. Hence, issues regarding the same shall be resolved easily. However, you should be careful regarding your relationship with your mother, especially around 17th and 18th July. Moreover, this week is highly favourable for love relationships. For sex and related matters too, this week shall be better, when compared to the previous week. Yet, don’t take chances in these delicate matters. If it’s about a problematic issue, Intimate Affairs report.

Mars has now moved ahead of North Node (Rahu). Hence, Ganesha feels that conflicts on the marital front shall slowly wane and then fade, which has to be a great thing. Recovering from the past frictions may be difficult, though. However, you and your partner shall gradually cool down. Subsequently, you shall jointly find solutions for these frequent problems. Besides, as Jupiter enters Leo during this week, academic progress of your children shall improve and so shall the overall atmosphere. Moreover, the stars are now favourable for those who plan to start a family. Finding it difficult to conceive? Get a personlised Astro-view – get a Birth Chart based report like Child-birth related Troubles.

As Jupiter enters Leo during this week, personal goals shall now become very clear. Targets shall be fixed and you shall feel highly satisfied in your personal work or whatever you take up on the work front/ professional life. This is also the perfect time to begin reading books again. So clean up the dust that may have accumulated on the books and make the your personal library clean and neat. Actually, it is a knowledge-oriented week. Moreover, Ganesha feels that you shall be suitably rewarded in the future, for the subjects that you start studying now. In your personal realm, there is a lot that may change (thankfully, for better) with so many planetary transits. Get a unique Vedic view with a report like Jupiter Transit Report or Rahu-Ketu Transit Report to know how planets are set to affect your life in times to come.

As Venus is positioned in Cancer, you shall spend money for redecorating your home or buy small artifacts. This is also a favourable period for purchasing a better vehicle or a more comfortable/luxurious sofa set for your home. Actually, this is a good time to buy anything that adds a bit of luxury or comfort to your life. You shall not be financially stressed out, and you may try to improve your lifestyle a bit. Also, bigger investments should only be planned if your budget permits for it. Impulsive decisions taken in financial matters may work against you in the future, so Ganesha advices to move ahead cautiously. And, if you still are confused – get a unique Astrological view with Wealth Ask A Question. Or, Speak to an Astrologer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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