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Red Planet Mars and Earth’s Sister Venus Conjunct in Cancer

The planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war, will be in conjunction with the planet of beauty Venus in Cancer on 23/6/2021. The time of this conjunction is as below

Mars: 2/6/2021 to 20/7/2021, time of entry 06:52 to 17:56. Duration: 48 days.
Venus: 22/6/2021 to 17/7/2021, time of entry 14:22 to 00:02. Duration: 26 days.

Mars is considered as the commander of the Zodiac and the lord of war because of its feisty red colour. It is also the lord of passion, because of which the natives have a tamsik effect.

According to the horoscope of Kalpurush, Mars will be in the fourth house. This would bring solutions to long term issues related to land, home, and other properties.

Due to Venus being in the fourth house, new investment opportunities will arise. The duration of the Mars planet is roughly around 45 days, and the time of Venus planet is 29. The friendship between Mars and Venus is okay!

The placement of both the planets is Mars conjunct Venus in Cancer synastry will be in Cancer. The Moon is the Lord of Cancer, which has a positive impact on the natives when combined with Mars. This period might not prove good for the relationships with family members and social relationships, which might also cause the natives to lack the ability to make decisions. Mars will be in Cancer from 2/6/2021 to 20/7/2021, and Venus in Cancer from 22/6/2021 to 17/7/2021. First, Mars will enter Cancer, giving emotional and dynamic effects to the natives.

Each of the zodiac signs may be affected differently. Let us look at how Mars and Venus conjunction in cancer will affect each zodiac signs.

For the natives of Aries, Mars and Venus conjunction would prove to be moderate. Aries natives need o to be careful about their health as Mars and Venus are in the fourth house. There may be blood-related disorders during this time. Elderly natives or natives over 45 years of age may suffer from bone-related diseases. For student natives, there is nothing to worry about. All is well Be careful about your speech to avoid spoiling relationships. For natives intending to invest in land or real estate, this time is favourable. Natives need to exercise caution because they may lose money if they participate in the stock market or moneylending. The time is moderate for love relationships. Be careful to avoid disputes with friends or partners while venus and mars are together.

Remedy:- Aries natives are advised to worship Hanumanji during this period. Elderly Arians should offer milk and water to Shiva on Monday to gain benefits.

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Taureans what has Mars and Venus conjunction in store for you. Well, the overall health may be moderate. Natives may suffer from cold cough, and lung-related disease.

You may feel a void despite everything going well. You might have this feeling till the end of August.

It is a favorable time for students. Parents need to be careful about students. Hard work may be beneficial in the long run. This is a good time for natives who want to pursue higher education or go on a foreign trip and want to take the IELTS exam. Natives intending to appear for government job exams could taste success around July and August.

Average time for finances, natives intending to invest in land or share market would need to be patient to avoid getting scammed.

It is a reasonable time for natives seeking life partners. There may be minor ups and downs in marriage.

Remedy:- To be successful during this period, natives should worship the family goddess.

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For natives of Gemini, overall health may be moderate. They may suffer from bone or gynaecology-related diseases. Female natives might be challenged hormonally during this period, leading to behavioural changes like irritation or restlessness.

Natives should be careful about their relationship with neighbours. Natives involved with the courtroom or natives who already are involved in court matters be cautious during this period. The court decisions might not be in your favour during this time.

This is a favourable time for students, and they may be able to do well academically during this period.

Good time for business or trading, as new planning may be possible during this time.

This is a favourable time for natives involved with the share market, gold and silver business.

In terms of relationship, it is moderate. Be careful to avoid disputes with partners. You might unnecessarily feel hurt, and there might be a communication gap during this period. During this time to prevent negativity and achieve success.

Remedy:- You are advised to worship Lord Shiva or chant Om Namah Shivay.

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For the natives of Cancer, time may be good, but elders may suffer from knee-related issues. If they need surgery, try not to wait for a long time and get it done soon, but be careful of BP and diabetes. This is an average time for couples seeking a child. Consult a doctor regularly.

This time is moderate for children; they may need to work harder during this period.

You are advised to be careful not to lose your focus during this time. There might be travel opportunities, and this could prove to be a memorable one. This time is not favourable for finance-related matters or purchasing or selling a house, but natives related to money lending or goldsmith work may have an average time. It may be an apt time for those intending to change their current job or natives seeking new job opportunities. Love is in the air. You might meet someone special during this period.

Remedy:- For good luck, natives are advised to worship Goddess Saraswati.

Leo natives ought to take control of their unnecessary expenses because you may spend leisurely this time and later face a financial crunch. Leo natives may enjoy good health during this period, barring some problems with gas and acidity. Some Leo natives may suffer from bone-related issues.

It is a favourable time for students, and they may receive full cooperation from teachers and elders. Also suitable for natives intending to start a new business as there are good chances of profit.

Native may have a good time seeking life partners and getting in relationships. This time is moderate for natives related to the share market and low back schemes. You might miss old friends, and you may have an opportunity to meet them.

Remedy:- You are advised to worship Sun god and offer water to Sun daily every morning for good luck.

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Virgo natives may lack good luck during this period. Projects may come to a halt as soon as they are about to touch the finish line. It is a favourable time for the health of Virgo natives, but they may suffer from stomach or intestine related issues and eye problems. Elderly natives may suffer from headaches or cataracts.

It is a favourable time for students, especially those intending to travel abroad for higher studies or settle down. Bonding with friends may be good during this time, and you may also get to spend some time with them. You may get attracted to someone special.

Artists may get name and fame along with better opportunities. Do not take any impulsive or hasty decisions as the relationship with neighbours or near and dear ones may be damaged. Natives seeking life partners may have to wait for some more time.

Remedy:- You are advised to worship Lord Vishnu or chant Vishnu Sahasranam, and take one meal on Thursdays.

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Libra natives may enjoy good luck related to houses and property. Librans may enjoy good health during this period but may suffer from gas, acidity. Female natives may suffer from low back issues. Elderly natives are advised to be cautious and avoid any trip or journey during this time to avoid getting into trouble.

It may be a good time for Libra students, especially medical and engineering students. Finance related matters may be high, you may be able to purchase new property. Natives intending to invest in gold and silver may have more financial gains.

There may be new job opportunities available. It is a good time for the youth to progress in their lives. The conjunction may shower good luck on the natives of Libra. The more you work hard during this period, the more fruitful your gains and benefits would be. This time is not favourable for a love relationship.

Remedy:- For gaining benefits, you are advised to chant the Venus mantra and donate white materials on Fridays.

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The overall time for Scorpio natives may be moderate. This time may be averagely related to health.

You may suffer from skin related problems or heart disease-related problems. There may be a change in the temperament and negative feelings of Scorpio natives.

It is a favourable time for students. You may get the results of the hard work.

This period may be moderately related to financial matters. Any loans or credit taken during this period could be challenging to clear. Married couples may accomplish pending marital cases in court successfully. This time is favourable for a love relationship. Relations with elders may be good during this period. You may have successful news about long term ancestral issues.

Remedy:- For good luck, worship Hanumanji and chant Hanuman Chalisa during this period for natives of Scorpio.

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The natives of Sagittarius may have intermediate results and may have financial benefits during this time.

Health may be moderate during this period for natives of Sagittarius. Natives might suffer from blood or bone-related issues. Natives might experience restlessness during this period. Be cautious about your health, especially if you have diabetes.

It is a favourable time for students, and the results may be good. Opportunities for progress might come your way during this period.

Natives already involved in a court case may have a difficult time. Avoid making hasty decisions or giving promises without thinking of anyone, or else you may have difficulty fulfilling them and may regret it as well.

This time is moderate for a love relationship.

Remedy:- You are advised to worship Lord Vishnu and chant “Om Namah bhagvate Vasudeva Namah” for good luck and benefits.

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Natives of the Capricorn may enjoy good results during this period. You may see good results in financial matters.

Even though it’s a good time, Capricorn folks may suffer from eye-related diseases.

You may recover if you are suffering from any chronic conditions.

There might be travel opportunities. You might catch up with old friends and neighbours during this period. You may also get to spend quality time with them.

This is a favourable time for natives intending to change their current jobs or get a new job.

Natives involved in the IT sector or MNC might have an opportunity to travel abroad for work. Natives seeking government jobs might be successful. This is a favourable time for new investment in finance.

Remedy:- For good luck and benefits, worship Lord Shani and offer oil.

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Natives of Aquarius may experience some financial problems during this period. There may be issues related to financial planning. Make sure you control unnecessary expenses. It is a reasonable time for finance-related matters.

Job professionals may have ups and downs during this time. There might be problems related to good luck and benefits.

Natives may have ups and downs related to health that may be cured by medication, but you may be worried and concerned about health issues.

Folks who are intending to make new investments need to be patient for some time and wait. The time after October may be suitable for new investments. Natives involved with the share market ought to be patient. Short-term investment may prove a deal of loss.

Remedy:- For good luck and benefits during this time, you are advised to worship Hanumanji, chant Hanuman Chalisa, and have one meal on Saturdays.

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Natives of Pisces may have changed in their temperaments during this period. They may become more sensitive and emotional.

They may have a feeling of emptiness despite having everything. You all might lose interest in worldly pleasures and get satisfaction indulging in humanitarian acts, social work and religious activities.

You might enjoy good health, but female natives may suffer from bone-related problems, and elders may suffer from knee pain-related problems. There may be changes observed in children’s behaviour, and they may become more stubborn during this period.

To get their point proved, they might get unnecessarily angry with elders. Hence, elders are advised to handle such children with love. There would not be any adverse effect on their education during this period.

This time would be moderate for finance-related matters.

Love is in the air. Some old relations may blossom again. You might catch up with friends during this period and may even be attracted to someone special and may get to know them better by spending quality time with them.

Remedy:- Chant Visnu Sahasranam and offer water to the Sun.

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