How Can Rakhi Sawant Get Out of This Deadly Dosh’s Trap?

Published on November 27, 2021

How Can Rakhi Sawant Get Out of This Deadly Dosh’s Trap?

The makers of Bigg Boss 15 are working tirelessly to entice fans and increase ratings. Bigg Boss 15 is about to welcome four new wildcard entries into the house, including Rakhi Sawant, the queen of drama, after stunning fans with three evictions.

Rakhi confesses to the camera that she is ready to introduce her mysterious hubby, Ritesh, to the world for the first time on national television. Both Bigg Boss 15 and Rakhi Sawant seem to be on the hunt for a better TRP, so we’ll have to wait and watch how her career unfolds in the future.

Full-On Entertainment Written all Over in Rakhi’s Birth Chart. Mars and the Sun both are in Scorpio in her horoscope, giving her unmatched energy and excitement. Exalted Jupiter and Venus in its own sign, along with Shapit dosh, enter the party after turning off the music. It is said that Shapit Dosha causes major problems for people and also has a negative impact. Many times, a person becomes more prone to problems & controversies as a result of this yoga.

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Rakhi Sawant’s solar chart will have a transit of five planets in the aspect of three major planets in Dec 2021, which might be a crucial turning point for her. Let’s see how Rakhi Sawant’s participation in Bigg Boss 15 would benefit her career and BB followers.

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