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Salman Ready to Bash Contestants Again: Bigg Boss 15 Begins

Bigg Boss will be hitting television screens on Oct 2, 2021. The fans are super excited to see the Sultan of Bollywood, Salman Khan & their other favourite celebs entertaining them on screens. The makers are also leaving no stone unturned to make the show as entertaining as possible. So, based on the location & date of its premiere, let’s check out what our astrologers have to say about one of the most talked-about shows on Indian television, ‘Bigg Boss 15.’

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This season, the theme will be Jungle. #JustBiggBossThings, we guess! Take the seat of this Safari as you get amazed with the Astro views on Bigg Boss. Rahu comes in the ascendant; also, there is a conjunction of Venus & Ketu. Hence, the temperament of contestants may remain high, inviting chaos, fights, & all the mess you can expect from this show.

But then comes the man himself, Salman Khan with his “Namaste, Sat Sri Akal, Kem Cho, As-salamu alaykum”. Like always, whatever he does on the weekend, from bashing the contestants to laughing like a child, naturally helps in increasing the TRP of the show.

Last but not least, the moon is good for the season. Let’s see now who performs better & what would be the mindset of every contestant. Cheers!

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