About Aries

About Aries

About Aries

Sanskrit/Vedic name:Mesha

Aries Meaning:The Ram


Aries Sign

Aries star sign is the first sign of the zodiac and also known as the infant of the zodiac circle. The sign represents the birth, head of the zodiac and one of the most active zodiac signs. It gives a kick start to the entire zodiac wheel as well as the spring season.

How to recognize Aries?

The natives born on and between March 21 to April 19 belong to the Aries sun sign. The natives are born leaders, optimistic, remarkably friendly people, firm in making a commitment and have an instant smile. Aries are known for their fiery zeal and enthusiasm. They are ready to be the hero of the activity or event, fly away and carry many extensive risks. Hence it is a little tough to win over them in an argument or take a lead in the conversation. They fight for injustice at the forefront and always come straight to the point. Aries natives are always eager to initiate things. They love to take challenges and make impossible things happen. Their ultimate aim is to be number one in all the tasks and activities they participate in. Being the infant sign of the zodiac circle, innocence is a default virtue that smoothens the ego-centric attitude and aggressiveness of the native. Many times they are courageous in the untrodden path that helps them emerge as the winner. Aries individuals also exhibit positive energy and dynamism. They are naturally charismatic due to which they are able to convince and lead people effortlessly.

Aries natives are a loving mate and loyal in a relationship.Know more about how Aries maintain their relationships. When the natives, whether men or women, fall in love, they share their feelings without having a second thought. The infant of the zodiac is affectionate and pampers their love partner and closed ones extensively and limitlessly. Like a child, they expect the same level of love and affection from their partner and if their partner fails to do so they feel dejected and disappointed. The natives try to understand and appreciate their love partner but only till the time they get expected to love and attention from the partner.

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All About Aries

Aries Zodiac Date Range: March 21 – April 19

Domicile: Mars
Exaltation:The Sun
Symbol:The Ram
Tarot card:Emperor
Fellow signs:LeoSagittarius
Compatible signs:Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius
Most compatible signs:Leo
Opposite signs:Libraand SometimesCapricorn
The symbol denotes:Cheerful, carefree, boastful and confident behavior along with a combative, rash and hasty approach
Characteristics:Masculine, positive, adventurous, focused, passionate
Noteworthy qualities of Aries:Enthusiastic, Industriousness, enterprise, courage, dynamism, ambition, inspiration, leadership, action-orientation, pioneering spirit.
Undesirable personality traits:Audacity, impatience, imprudence, egocentric and selfish approach, hastiness, recklessness.
Favorable things:competition, debates, adventurous trips and games, and shopping.
Things they hate:share their favorite things, ignorance, losing, listening to the word no
Birthstone:Red Coral, Aquamarine
Lucky stones:Ruby,Diamond
Lucky metals:Iron, steel
Lucky day:Tuesday
Lucky number:6,7
Birth colours:All shades of red: scarlet, carmine, red, vermilion
Deepest need:Action
Lifetime wish:To be number one
Mantra for life:Forge Ahead
The quality most needed for balance:Patience and Caution

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Astrological Elements

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