About Aries

About Aries

Sanskrit Name: Mesha | Meaning of Name: The Ram | Type: Fire-Cardinal-Positive
The very first Sign of the Zodiac is Aries. And, much on the same lines, the ones born under this Sign consider themselves as the first. Aries are known for their fiery zeal and exuberance. Most impressive are their leadership qualities and optimism. Most Aries have a burning desire to start things off, and make things happen. Individuals born under the Sign Aries are also known to be pioneers of the Zodiac, and many a times it’s their brave journey into the untrodden path that helps them emerge victorious. Aries individuals also exhibit energy and dynamism, and with their innate charisma, they are often able to convince and lead people effortlessly. The Zodiac Sign Aries is found to be compatible with the Signs Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius and Gemini (Leo is the best suited among others, as a partner for Aries). In relationships, it is often found that the Aries mate is a loving and loyal one. When the Aries falls in love, he/she will not wait, and would rather straight away go and express his/ her feelings, without even giving this a considerable thought. Affectionate Aries individuals are known to pamper their love ones and beloved to the degree of being excessive. The guileless and usually ‘a child at heart’, Aries natives, however, are extremely dejected and disappointed, when their love is not reciprocated in the equal measure. They try to be understanding and appreciative of their beloved, but only till the time they receive and see the requisite attention and love (or the hope of it) in return.

Sign Ruled By: Mars
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal 
Symbol: The Ram
The Symbol denotes: Cheerful, carefree, boastful and confident behaviour along with a combative, rash and hasty approach
Characteristics: Masculine, positive, adventurous 
Noteworthy qualities: Industriousness, enterprise, courage, dynamism,  ambition, inspiration, leadership, action-orientation, pioneering spirit.
Undesirable personality traits: Audacity, impatience, imprudence, egocentric and selfish approach, hastiness, recklessness.
Birthstone: Red Coral (The gemstone is suggested considering Aries as the Ascendant/Lagna Sign. To know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)
Birth Colours: All shades of red: scarlet, carmine, red, vermilion
Deepest need: Action
Quality most needed for balance: Caution
Detriment: Venus
Exaltation: The Sun
Fall: Saturn
Associated Flowers and Plants: Geraniums, Honeysuckle, Cacti, Chillies, Ginger, Garlic, Aloe, other shrubs
Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships: Libra and Sagittarius
Anatomically Aries corresponds to: Skull and face; muscles used in eating, smiling, talking and other facial expressions, deep muscles in the mouth and other muscles in the head; temporal and internal carotids, and cephalic vein.


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