6 Simple Spiritual Practices to Follow Daily

With those self-help books all bundled up and a lot many motivational speakers springing up, following those INSTA inspirational stories, no doubt, you are well aware of daily rituals for success. But what about a daily practice to blossom your spirituality grade scale. Let’s explore different spiritual practices.

What Is A Daily Spiritual Practice?

Not going to the deeper perspective, let’s simply tune in to understand a daily spiritual practice. With nothing certain in life and ever-evolving lifestyles, and the way generations adapt and change, it becomes important that we seek for the inner self to attain peace and serenity.

And, this you can attain with a simple daily spiritual practice, which nurtures your mind, body, and soul relating to your deep inner self. A spiritual practice quiets the mind and brings you into a state of harmony. Moreover, spiritual practice need not be religious but a way of looking at and understanding your inner being and the Supreme Power.

Daily spiritual practice is not something related to stringent religious practice or gaining benefit from the materialist world. It is also not again a maxim or dogma but a wonderful way to tuning in to your own spirit.

What Are The Different Types Of Spiritual Practices?

New to generation Next and not so new to ancestors, spirituality is a way to connect to our Supreme Self. You may be in a quandary where to begin on your quest to the spiritual world; there are different types of spiritual practices that help you to jump on the bandwagon of the spiritual journey.


Successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma start their day with the practice of meditation. Practising the quiet moments of mindfulness or following the guided meditation in the morning helps you connect with yourself. This imbibes positive vibrations and evolves a grateful and peaceful mindset to embark on a successful day in line with spiritual ethics. It is one of the most ancient spiritual practices in the world.

In starting, you may find it a little tricky to practice meditation. However, you need not have to frizzle about. Guided meditations can help you to practice, and you can move ahead smoothly.


Prayer is a beautiful and powerful medium to connect with GOD. It is like calling to your inner wisdom and asking for help. The twist here is Meditation is all about listening to our inner thoughts, whereas Prayer is to ask for help or affirm. The cutest thing about prayer is that you can pray anywhere and everywhere without any set guidelines or restrictions, or rules to follow.

Pray in the morning, evening, afternoon; pray on your way to work, on your desk or on the train or on the aeroplane; literally, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

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Reading Books about Spirituality

Reading spiritual texts is one of the best spiritual practices. You can read from the texts from ancient monks from the eastern world to the books written by spiritual gurus or philosophers from the western world. Dig into the world of the spiritual world through these spiritual books and see how it enlightens you in a different way.

You can carry on this spiritual practice of reading texts any time during the day as preferable to your lifestyle. Reading a little about spirituality, you can gain new insight and new wisdom.


Not just heart and mind, our body also serves as a medium to practice spirituality. In order for your mind and heart to perform well, the functioning of your body has to be at optimum. And, YOGA helps your body to keep performing at the top level. It is a holistic way as it not only helps enhance physical strength but also helps improve flexibility and emotions, mentality and concentration. That is why you can also call it a spiritual healing practice.

Yoga helps to connect with your inner being, developing integration of your body, mind and soul – the oneness with the Supreme Power.

Gratitude Journal

“Count your blessings”, though it sounds like a worn-out saying, sends you a powerful message. No matter how your life has been or is… there is one thing that – You Are Alive. There may be amazing days… there may be dooms days… but unfolding your wishes and keeping those hopes high, you eventually able to have minimalist things that help you to lead a decent life, which many of them even don’t have to survive. Therefore, being grateful day in and day out is a wonderful spiritual practice.

Every morning or night, you can just write a few things about which you are grateful. You can maintain a gratitude journal, where you can simply jot down about the things you are thankful to GOD.


Singing, chanting mantras, or rhyming bhajans is a charming way to practice spirituality. Music melodiously connects you to your inner self, transcending you to the higher world. Singing hymns and playing carols soothes and relaxes your mental state. Also, chanting mantras help you evolve and creates a flow of positive energy. The power of chanting helps you tune in to the spiritual world, helping you to look at your inner being.

Chanting mantras, singing carols/hymns and bhajans is one of the best spiritual practices that has been followed since ancient times. And, no doubt, in today’s unprecedented periods, it empowers you to believe in yourself and your higher power.

How To Develop A Spiritual Practice

Developing spiritual practice is too personal as it depends on your lifestyle and the time you have. Anyway, if you are adamant about embarking on your spiritual practice journey, take some time out to throw light on what you are looking for. Identify an activity that can help to create a sense of peace, connection and contentment. Many people try to follow spiritual practice – the first thing in the morning on a daily basis. Therefore, set a time and activity that exactly fits you.

Researchers and experts state that just practicing meditation for five minutes daily is more effective and valuable rather than just meditating for 30 minutes once a week. The key to spiritual practice is consistency and perseverance. Nurturing your soul daily is a promise you need to make to yourself on your quest for spiritual practice.

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