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Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius 2017: Ensure That You Are Not Repeating Old Mistakes

Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius 2017: Ensure That You Are Not Repeating Old Mistakes

Saturn Retrograde Dates

Saturn entered the Sign of Sagittarius on 26th January, 2017. Now, the Saturn Retrograde will begin on 6th April and will last till 20th June, 2017.

Saturn Retrograde 2017 In Sagittarius – Saturn To Shift Gears

Saturn – the strictly no-nonsense and ego-deflating planet, which entered Jupiter’s mansion – Sagittarius with its minimal luggage on 26th January, 2017, has now decided to pack its bags again to head towards the mysterious Scorpio, for a brief ‘investigation’.

Saturn Retrograde 2017 – The Finer Details

Yes, we are now nearing that phase when Saturn will be travelling in a retrograde motion. During the year 2017, Saturn will be passing in a retrograde motion for about 142 days, that is around 4 months and 22 days. Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius will in operation from 6th April, 2017 to 20th June, 2017 and after this the mighty taskmaster will be entering the Sign of Scorpio, but continue to transit in a retrograde motion till 25th August, 2017. Its unusual stay in Scorpio will finally come to an end on 26th October, 2017 after which the Saturn Transit in Sagittarius will begin afresh.

Saturn Retrograde 2017 In Sagittarius – Understanding Saturn’s Course Correction

In Astrology, one of the most enigmatic and complex phenomenons happens to be the Saturn transit in Scorpio. Though, Scorpio happens to be the Sign ruled by Saturn’s adversary Mars, it somewhat feels at home with the cold and tough environment that the water sign offers. With the privilege of this ‘comfort’, Saturn goes out on its ’rounds’ in a stricter and more unforgiving manner and makes people come face to face with the hard realities of life. But, this transit came to an end in January this year, and Saturn is not the one to take things for granted. It wants to ensure that the lessons it taught during its transit in Scorpio have been properly absorbed by its subjects. Thus, the retrogression.

Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius 2017 – What To Expect?

The Saturn retrograde may bring some unexpected changes and there may be unprecedented developments. If you are planning to begin some new and important tasks or projects, then consider all the options well as Saturn may try to test your determination and sense of purpose. Saturn will remind you of the tasks that you had started working on in the recent past, but left them halfway due to a lack of focus or interest. During the Satun retrograde, it will be better to maintain statusquo and to finish long pending tasks. The retrograde transit of Saturn will bring a buoquet of positive as well as negative results. To know how you will be affected, check out the Sign-wise predictions.

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants.]

– Retrograde Saturn In 9th House

During the Saturn Retrograde 2017, you will go on a pilgrimage, and remain inclined towards religion. Gains through your guide/teacher are indicated. Legal matters may cause anxiety, predicts Ganesha. Higher education, research activities and desired results might get delayed. Your father may face health issues. Take prompt action before things get out of contgrol .Change in your job or business is likely during the retrogression of Saturn. Hurdles in your promotion are foreseen. Ganesha advises you to work hard. Friends and well-wishers might be less cooperative. Overall, this period may be less beneficial. Read more about Aries.

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– Retrograde Saturn In 8th House

Irregular eating habits may adversely affect your health during this phase of Saturn retrogression. Difficulties in your job/ legal matters and failure in competitive exams is indicated. Financial problems and rise in debts are foreseen, so Ganesha advises you to keep a tight fist. You may meet with an accident, undergo an operation, or get injured due to fire/burns, feels Ganesha. You might also face defamation, humiliation or get demoted. Hurdles in higher education or pilgrimage are indicated. Monetary loss and unanticipated expenses are predicted during Saturn Retrograde 2017. Your father might fall ill and get hospitalized. Read more about Taurus.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 7th House

During Saturn Retrograde 2017, buying a vehicle or property may get delayed. Relations with your mother might get strained. You may lose interest in your school/college studies. Your marriage might get postponed. Marital life may not be cordial due to differences with life partner in this phase of Saturn retrogression. Ganesha advises you to avoid ego clashes with your life partner. Loss in monetary matters and recession in business is foreseen. Tension due to rivals is also indicated. Partnership business may break down. Obstacles while studying and traveling are predicted. Read more about Gemini.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 6th House

Eating at irregular times may cause health problems. Ganesha advises you to maintain regular eating timings and also to strictly avoid junk food and have only nutritious food. Difficulties in your job, court issues and monetary problems are indicated. You may fail in competitive exams and your liabilities might increase. However, you must not lose heart, and redouble your efforts to perform better next time. Separation or divorce for married couples is foreseen while this Saturn retrogression is in operation. Singles planning to get married may face hurdles. Business partnership might be terminated. Read more about Cancer.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 5th House

Profits in stock market activities may decrease during this phase of Saturn retrogression. Ganesha therefore advises you to avoid playing on the stock market, and if you can’t avoid it, at least play it safe. Childbirth might get delayed, predicts Ganesha. A change in your job, or losing your present job, is also foreseen. Your earnings are likely to decrease. Business partner might cheat you. Break-up or frustration in love relationships is also indicated. On your part, you must try to keep things in control by avoiding arguments even under grave provocation. Read more about Leo.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 4th House

In the Saturn Retrograde period, loss of reputation or status is foreseen. Failure in all activities and hurdles in government related work is indicated. Matters related to purchasing house/vehicle might get delayed. Relations with mother may be less harmonious. Students may be less interested in their studies, but Ganesha advises you to realize the importance of academics and try to focus more on studies. There is possibility of miscarriage for pregnant women, so be very careful and get regular check-ups. Separation from kids, loss in speculative activities/stock market, and setback in love matters is predicted. Read more about Virgo.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 3rd House

Be careful while travelling to avoid accidents. Also remain cautious while signing documents, and read the fine print very carefully. Your courage/confidence may decrease while the Saturn retrogression is in operation. Relations with brothers and sisters might get strained, which could pull your morale down quite a bit. Short-distance tours and obstacles while studying are foreseen during Saturn Retrograde. Heavy workload may increase mental stress, foresees Ganesha. Higher education may get delayed. Changing/selling your house, or staying away from your home is indicated. You might also be deprived of mother’s love. Read more about Libra.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 2nd House

At the time of Saturn retrograde, a rise in domestic issues and disharmonious relations with your family members are indicated. Ganesha advises you to avoid arguments under all circumstances, particularly during Saturn Retrograde, otherwise matters could aggravate and go out of your control. Your expenses may exceed your income. However, you would do well to control the temptation to go on a spending spree. Diseases related to eyes and difficulties while traveling are also foreseen by Ganesha. Take good care of your eyes, but strictly under medical supervision. Get spectacles, if necessary. Read more about Scorpio.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 1st House

You shall change your way of thinking. Besides, you may face some difficulty while taking quick decisions during Saturn retrograde period. Ganesha advises you to do meditation regularly as it will impart clarity to your thought process and you will be able to take better decisions. Problems related to your family and finances may increase. You shall have to work harder to earn money. Relations with your mother might get strained. Students may be less interested in their school/college studies. Matters regarding purchasing house/vehicle might get delayed, so you will need to be patient. Read more about Sagittarius.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 12th House

You are likely to travel abroad while Saturn is in retrogression mode. You are also likely to fall ill and get hospitalized. Financial issues might cause tension. Your expenses shall exceed your earnings, but this can also lead to great temptation to purchase some unnecessary and expensive things. Ganesha advises you to avoid the tendency. Indecisiveness is also foreseen. Domestic problems may increase, and lead to disharmony in family relationships. Ensure that you are sensitive towards the needs of your family. Eye related disorders are also indicated during Saturn retrograde period. Read more about Capricorn.
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– Retrograde Saturn In 11th House

During Saturn Retrograde, all your desires shall get fulfilled. You will succeed in all the tasks that you undertake. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to undertake all those tasks which you have been postponing for a long time, as during this Saturn Retrograde period they have a good chance of taking them to their logical conclusion. Foreign trips shall be gainful. Health issues will get resolved. However, you must not take your health for granted but get regular check-ups done. You shall feel relieved as financial problems will decrease, but do not become a spend-thrift. Read more about Aquarius. Saturn’s retrogression may affect your finances drastically. Get the Saturn Transit Report For Wealth for financial guidance

– Retrograde Saturn In 10th House

You may face problems in your profession while Saturn Retrograde phase operates. Ganesha advises you to avoid arguments with your peers and superiors, or else it may spoil your relations with them and your professional progress could get throttled. Obstacles in getting a job promotion are indicated. However, bide your time patiently, as your efforts will be rewarded sooner or later. Difficulties while accomplishing any work are also foreseen. You shall have to work harder to achieve the set targets during Saturn Retrograde period. Failure or delay in government related work is also predicted. Read more about Pisces.

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