Mars Transit 2017: Mars In Aries – Get Ready To Enjoy The Adrenaline Rush

Mars In Aries Quote 1:
"There is no fun in just talking or thinking. The real fun lies in just going ahead and doing it."
– The Core Ideology Of Planet Mars

Mars Transit Dates: 

Mars will be transiting in the Sign of Aries from 2nd March, 2017 to 13th April, 2017. After that it will be entering the Sign of Taurus. 

Mars: The Planet of Action

Mars – the planet which represents courage, confidence, adventure and action will be transiting through the Sign of Aries. As Aries happens to be Mars' own domain, we will be able to experience mostly positive results. Mars is the commander-in-chief of the cosmic army and represents the will to achieve goals in life, the ability to take risks and the desire to succeed. Mars rules over the areas and entities like military and military equipments, commanders, sports persons, athletes, surgeons, engineers, amongst others. During this transit of Mars in Aries, there may be some positive happenings in the areas mentioned above. 

Mars In Aries Effects: This Is The Time To Break Free Of Inhibitions And Fears

If you have been wanting to go for that exhilarating adventure trip with your friends, then there can't be a better time than this. 

Expect A Lot Of Breakthroughs While Mars Transit In Aries Operates

In the next 45 days, you will witness some quick and dramatic changes taking place. The general approach of people towards various tasks may change and now it will be all about – 'shifting gears and increasing the speed'. You will now want to reach some conclusion or the other and will want to go out there and just deliver, rather than spending time on planning. This is because Mars believes in the saying – “Actions speak louder than words”. 

Planet Mars And The Spiritual Angle:

Ganesha says that Mars represents the Muladhar Chakra (Root Chakra) and also signifies the Pruthvi Chakra, which is a primary chakra in human body.  Some other names of planet Mars are Mangal, Angaraka, Bhumiputra and Kuja. 

Mars Transit In Aries 2017: Predictions For All The Signs

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants.]

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 for Aries:


– Mars in the First House 

Mars Transit in Aries will happen during this phase. Mars will enter its own Sign Aries. Ganesha finds that your energies will be quite up to the mark in this period, which will make you active and enthusiastic. You are not likely to face any major health issue. You will generally stay in good mood and will enjoy the time. Mentally also you will feel much happy and relaxed during the Mars In Aries transit. However, is also likely to bring in aggression. You may exhibit anger or a violent attitude. Your impulsive and rash behaviour may bring problems. You have to be alert against these tendencies. This way you can handle well the bad side of Mars Transit in Aries. 
Expected problem areas: You will be prone to anger and irritability during this transit, so try to be calm.

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Taurus


– Mars In The 12th House

For Taureans, Mars transit in Aries will occur in the 12th house. Kindly keep control on your negative thoughts during this period. This is very important for maintaining a good mental health. You have to avoid getting negative today, says Ganesha. Keeping yourself low profile and doing your tasks should be your main focus during the Mars in Aries transit. This attitude is going to help you. Summarily, Ganesha suggests you to give extra outputs at work place.  Your hasty, abrupt, impulsive action may cause more problems.
Expected problem areas:  You are likely to face new challenges at your career and monetary fronts. There may be developments happening on the work front which may make you stressed. You may also incur some expenses.

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Gemini 


– Mars In The 11th House

As the Mars Transit in Aries for Gemini occurs in the 11th house, finance inflow will increase. A favourable financial situation and gains are also expected. Plus, some investments related to property are expected in this period. During the Mars in Aries transit, you will have to take good care of your investments and gains. It's very important not to be confused or weak willed. Be confident or else you will not be able to handle resources efficiently.  Only if you are confident, you will be able to do justice to the gains made during the day.  
Expected problem areas: Intense competition or conflict in relationships with people around you is quite likely. Hence, you need to remain calm and composed during this phase. 
Mars In Aries Quote 2:
"One way to get the best out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."
– William Feather   

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Cancer 


– Mars In The 10th House

For Cancer natives, the Mars Transit in Aries is going to be mostly a time of peace and happiness. In this phase, your professional life will remain happy and peaceful. All the more, your colleagues and seniors are likely to be cooperative and helpful to you. It's going to make you positive and feel good about things. Overall, the transit of Mars in Aries this mostly indicates smooth phase with friends, peers and superiors. It's going to get you mental happiness and joy. Additional work may require more efforts to fulfill your commitments. 
Expected problem areas: You may get into unnecessary arguments with females. This might work against you. You have to be careful and avoid such arguments. 

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Leo  


– Mars In The 9th House

The time of Mars Transit in Aries is good for Leos as far as health is concerned. Overall, health factor for Leos is promising and energetic in this specific period. You will enjoy a positive attitude and confident mindset throughout this period. This is going to make you get along well with the people around you which will turn you happy. You may also be inclined towards spiritual practices. Hence, kindly take advantage of this transit of Mars in Aries.  This is a good time to begin implementing your plans and ideas into practice. Make the best use of this time. 
Expected problem areas: It is likely that some unwanted thoughts could bother your mind in the later part of the period.

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Virgo  


– Mars In The 8th House

Mars Transit in Aries may bring some hardships for the natives of Virgo. You should take good care to maintain good health. Deep emotions will be stirred up and at times you may become more intense and demanding. You have to manage such developments if you are to come out of the situation easily. Such tendencies and emotions may disrupt the harmony of your personal and professional life. You have to take good care that you are not overpowered by emotions. You have to handle yourself in a proper manner. 
Expected problem areas: You may find difficulties in maintaining a balance between domestic and professional life. So, you should maintain peace at domestic front. 
Mars In Aries Quote 3:
"A single feat of daring can alter the whole conception of what is possible."
– Graham Greenie 

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Libra  


– Mars In The 7th House

As Libra is the sign opposite Aries (where Mars Transit takes place), you are also likely to develop enmity with closed ones. Due to your attitude and behavior, your relationship with them may remain stressed. You have to manage the situations in a smooth manner and act with tact. Else you may face difficulties. Hence, try to maintain cordial relation with your closed ones. Health wise, you will have to take special care during the Mars in Aries transit. There may not be any major events at the career or financial fronts.  
Expected problem areas: Some unknown fears, jealousies, and resentments may disrupt the harmony of your personal life. You have to handle it in a proper manner. 

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Scorpio 


– Mars In The 6th House

During the Mars Transit in Aries, your reputation and status in life will get a boost. Influential people will start favoring you now. This is going to make you happy. You are going to feel satisfied. Besides, your hopes and ambitions will also be realized. This period will make you very successful in your ventures. All this success and happiness will give you more confidence and positivity.  The transit of Mars in Aries will also be a good time to hit gym or engage yourself in physical exercise in order to upkeep your health. 
Expected problem areas: You need to pay extra attention towards your health. If you have had any health issue in the past, it may resurface during this phase.

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Sagittarius 


– Mars In The 5th House

During the Mars Transit in Aries, you will be having a good time with your beloved one. Family members will also extend their full support towards you. This is going to make you happy and positive. You are going to enjoy the time you spend with your beloved. You will feel good about things around you. However, your energy level and stamina may be the cause of concern. You have to take care of that. Too much hard work may also adversely affect your health and fitness. During the transit of Mars in Aries you will remain concerned about the issues related to your children.     
Expected problem areas: You may have strong urge for speculations. However, you must avoid rash financial decisions. 
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Mars In Aries Quote 4:
"Being brave isn't the absence of fear. Being brave is having the fear but finding a way through it."
– Bear Grylls

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Capricorn  


– Mars In The 4th House

During the Mars Transit in Aries, chances of short term enmity with your own people are expected here. There will be a tendency to stand up for your rights and as a result, you may actually seek out a battle. You have to be careful in this. Confrontations are likely to disturb you. You should try to prevent them. So, you have to take care while dealing with people around you. There may be tensions at routine work during this transit of Mars in Aries. You have to avoid such situations.  
Expected problem areas: You may remain dissatisfied sometimes because of the mood swings. Hence, you will have to watch your behavioural patterns while dealing with elderly people in the family.
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Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Aquarius   


– Mars In The 3rd House

During the Mars Transit in Aries, your hopes and desires will materialize and overall your career prospects seem to be very good. Here, you will also accomplish deals projects within required time. This is going to make you happy. But you will have more in store. You will find support and assistance from colleagues.  All the people in relations may start co-operating more and more. Relations with kins and friends are likely to improve which may give a soothing effect in your home too. Time is going to be good. During the transit of Mars in Aries, you will get success on the career front, you will make progress there. You will also be treated fairly by your colleagues. You will share great inter-personal relationship. 
Expected problem areas: During this period, you may tend to be brash in your approach. See, its good to be confident, but being reckless may prove to expensive. Thus, you will have to be careful in this regard. 
Mars In Aries Quote 5:
"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the silent voice at the end of the day saying - "I will try again tomorrow".
– William Feather

Mars Transit In Aries 2017 For Pisces    


– Mars In The 2nd House

When Mars Transit in Aries takes place, you are advised to review all matters carefully which affect your career and finances. This is very important for the natives of Pisces Sun sign. You have to be confident, that's very important. Only then will you manage your life in a proper manner including  finances. If you have confidence, you will get several other things. Besides, you should watch your words before uttering them. This will prevent you from going into difficul situations.
Expected problem areas: Due to some unknown financial concerns, you may remain under constant stress during the transit of Mars in Aries. Try to build up your confidence to cope with awkward situations which will come in this period. 
With Ganesha's Grace,
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