Real Madrid Marcelo: Responsible for the Captaincy?

Real Madrid Marcelo: Responsible for the Captaincy?

Born in Brazil on May 12, 1988, Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior’s left-back attacking is very good and rarely seen in the game. Marcelo has been given the responsibility of captaining Real Madrid after Sergio Ramos Garcia officially left the team. Along with other big players in the champion league, the eyes of critics are on him too. Know from the analysis of his Sun horoscope how his performance will be in sports.

Marcelo Fav and Hot Topic of Discussion!

Mars is exalted in Marcelo’s horoscope, making him full of energy. The Sun is also exalted and is accompanied by Jupiter, so Marcelo gets success and respect in his career from the public. The Mahadasha of Venus is also in full flow, which may lead to him being always a point of discussion in the media. This would also help him keep up his social status.

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Talking about the time to come, Jupiter and Saturn are together in transit so that the coming times can be challenging. However, due to Venus Mahadasha, the time after this may give mixed to positive results.

Along with Marcelo, Liverpool player Jordan Henderson in the Champions League is also in many discussions.

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