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Difficult times ahead for Lalit Modi…or some respite?

Difficult times ahead for Lalit Modi…or some respite?

BCCI recently imposed a life ban on Lalit Modi, the former chief of the indian Premier League, as a result of which he will not be in a position to get involved in any role or initiative connected with BCCI in the future. His rise in the cricketing fraternity had been like a phoenix. Modi came from nowhere, and achieved a lot of fame and glory for initiating the Indian Premier League (IPL). He also occupied the position of Vice-President of BCCI from 2005 to 2010. The success of IPL was largely attributed to him. However, Lalit Modi was later suspended from the position of the Chairman and Commissioner of IPL on the charges of malfunctioning and wrong doing. He is a fitting example of ‘Mr. Fall Guy’ in the Indian cricket administration. Mr Modi promised to fight his case tooth and nail by challenging the decision of BCCI in the court of law. Whether he will be in the reckoning and manage to stage a comeback in the Indian cricket administration with a vengeance is the question everyone is asking, including the high officials of the BCCI and the fans of the game. Ganesha examines Lalit Modi’s ‘Surya Kundli’ and gives further inputs on what the future holds for him –

Name : Mr. Lalit Modi
Date of Birth: 29th November, 1963
Place : New Delhi
Time of birth : Unknown


  • Saturn is placed in its own Sign in the 10th House from Natal Moon. 10th House signifies career or profession.
  • Jupiter is placed in its own Sign strongly in the chart of Mr. Modi, however it is retrograde. The strong presence of Saturn and Jupiter indicate administrative capabilities.
  • At present, Ketu is transiting over his Natal Moon and Saturn and Rahu through the close proximity of his Natal Sun. This indicates heavy odds and difficulties for him.
  • Jupiter is transiting over his Natal Rahu and Saturn is aspecting his Natal Mars, Venus and Ketu. This indicates problems in various spheres of his life.
  • Dasha and Bhukti of Rahu and Mercury also indicate occurrences of unpredictable situations in his life, which may catch him off guard.

  • Ganesha feels that despite Mr. Modi’s strong defiance and fighting spirit, it will be difficult for him to regain his lost glory and position.
  • The current transit of Rahu and Ketu does not augur well for Modi’s reputation, as his adversaries will try to besmirch him and counter his every move.
  • His Natal Sun is in the star of Saturn, (Sun and Saturn are enemies), which is a very negative situation. Hence his position and authority will be questioned and it will be difficult for him to reclaim what he has already lost, after his suspension as Commissioner and Chairman of IPL.
  • Till the middle of 2014, the situation looks unstable and shaky for Lalit Modi, as he may be plagued by his enemies.
  • Saturn’s aspect on his Natal Mars may also dampen his fighting spirits and upset all the planning, which he may have done for the future.
  • Dasha and Bhukti of Rahu and Mercury indicate difficult times for him, since Mercury is his 8th House Lord of adversities and difficulties.

To sum it up, Ganesha feels that the current planetary transits do not indicate any immediate change in the state of affairs in Lalit Modi’s life and his problems look set to get threateningly insurmountable. It looks improbable for him to return to the mainstream of the Indian cricket, and even if he takes his case to the courts, it is highly unlikely that he will get any immediate reprieve.

His position, at present, looks tight and cornered. Although, he has expressed his intention to be back in the contention again with the proposal of global football league, things may take time to really materialise as per his expectations. The current transit of Rahu and Ketu also indicate heavy odds for him, at least till the middle of 2014. Even after the mid of 2014, Saturn may not give him any immediate respite, as he may have to face lots of struggle and strife.

The Positives – We cannot simply write off Mr. Modi and his capabilities. The strong position of Saturn and Jupiter indicates his power of endurance, and it will not be surprising at all, if we see Mr. Lalit Modi back again in the reckoning with a different ball game altogether. The 10th House Lord Sun is placed in the 1st House with Mercury in his Surya Kundli, thereby creating an auspicious ‘Budha-Aditya Yog’ for him, and also the Sun is powerful by being Vargottama in his Natal chart. He has acumen and intelligence to take things in his stride and forge ahead in life. His immediate future may be full of adversities, however his distant future will not be as difficult, and a strong Jupiter and Saturn in his Natal chart will again propel him to don the mantle in a new avatar. Maybe, Lalit Modi may try his luck in some other sport besides cricket, Ganesha does not rule out this possibility in Lalit Modi’s future state of affairs.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Basab Bijay Sarkar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team