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Kartik Tyagi Wins The Match for RR: What Next?

Kartik Tyagi Wins The Match for RR: What Next?

IPL’s second leg is back, and so is the ever-flowing source of talent this carnival of cricket continues to produce. Imagine a situation where you are called to bowl for the last over, and the opposition is just four runs away from the victory. The kind of cricket that is being played around, nine out of ten times, the over is just a formality.

Not for Kartik Tyagi. He bowled an over which many of us would not forget easily, giving away just one run and taking two wickets. Miracles like these are enough to launch you into popularity, which is precisely what happened with Kartik Tyagi! On the high of what we just witnessed, let’s take the help of astrology to understand what makes him unique!

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Looking at his horoscope, we can see the planets trying to balance their placements. That also translates to his life. Add to that the Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction, and you are looking at a talent always ready to try something new. But all the rebels are not without cause! He is also a man of patience, thanks to an exalted Sun.

The story will only grow bigger in the future, as the planets indicate the growth of skills after 2022. Do we have the next big thing in front of us?

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