Will PV Sindhu clinch the World Badminton Championship 2015 title?


Two-time bronze-medallist PV Sindhu of India stunned Olympic champion and former World No. 1 Chinese Li Xuerui in a hard-fought contest of the ongoing World Badminton Championship to storm into the quarter-finals. The 20-year-old Indian shuttler’s victory is all the more commendable as she is returning to top level badminton after a long injury lay-off. Ganesha analyses her Solar Chart to find out her chances of bettering her previous efforts be winning a silver or a even a gold medal this time.

P V Sindhu: Badminton Star
Date of Birth: 05th July, 1995
Birth Time: Not Known
Place of Birth: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India


Owing to the absence of the credible Birth Time, following predictions have been created, basis a Solar Horoscope/ Chart.

Astrological Predictions:
1) Will Sindhu be able to do better this time by winning a silver, or perhaps even the gold?

  • Ganesha feels that the influence of transiting Jupiter in the badminton champion PV Sindhu’s Chart, which will be aspecting her Mars posited in the 3rd House and Ketu posited in her Solar Chart till 11th August, 2016, are the factors which will support her in her efforts to win the silver/ gold medal in the ongoing World Badminton Championship. But she will have to remain mentally strong and confident, as the transit of Saturn over her retrograde Jupiter posited in the 6th House, will be aspecting her Mercury posited in the 12th House and also her Mars in the Solar Chart. Besides, Ketu will be transiting over her Saturn posited in the 10th House till 30th January, 2016, and will have an adverse influence, diluting the positive impact of Jupiter. However, Mars, positively aspecting Jupiter in her Chart, will also boost her chances.
  • On the day of the quarter-finals, 14th August, 2015, Jupiter will be transiting over her Mars and will be in sextile with Venus and Sun of her Solar Chart. The Moon will not be too favourable. Sun and Mars too will not be very favourably posited. These factors indicate that her chances of winning the quarter-final are not too bright.
  • On the day of the semi-finals and finals, i.e. 15th and 16th August, 2015 respectively, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter will be transiting over her Mars and will be in sextile with Venus and Sun of her Solar Chart. Here also Mars and Sun will not be very favourable, but if through her determination, she overcomes the quarter-final hurdle, her chances of winning the semis and even the finals would be brighter.

What is her future as a badminton player?

  • Sindhu has got a bright period ahead in her career as a top-rung badminton player and she will be able to considerably improve her performance as the transit of Jupiter will be beneficial to her till August, 2016, provided that she trains hard and with great determination to overcome the adversities foreseen for her owing to the presence of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in her Chart post January, 2016.

Ganesha wishes good luck to PV Sindhu for the world championship.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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