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Blast From the Past On ‘83’ Release: Planets Behind Kapil Dev’s Success

No one can forget how the Indian cricket team won the World Cup under the captaincy of Kapil Dev on Jun 25, 1983. And now, 38 years later, Ranveer Singh and his team recreated the feeling and thrill of the wonderful victory in the Kabir Khan-directed ’83’. The movie releases on Friday, Dec 24, 2021. On that occasion, we decided to remember the man behind the mission, Kapil Dev himself. Here’s what his planets tell us about the unbelievable feat of ’83 and more.

Born on Jan 6, 1959, Kapil Dev has Mars in its own sign, Aries. In his Solar chart, the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter creates Gaj Kesari Yoga, which gives him patience. If you also want to know where your Moon and Jupiter are placed, and how they affect your life, you can access your Free Janampatri Analysis.

Now let’s talk about the planetary combinations on Jun 25, 1983, which supported Kapil winning the World cup. On this day, there was a conjunction of Saturn, Rahu, and Mars in the horoscope of Kapil Dev, which creates Angarak Dosh.

The best thing about that day was the partial transit of Jupiter over the natal Moon, which was the only planet that supported him immensely. His strategy worked and created history for the Indian team.

In the coming time, Ketu will transit over his natal moon, which may have an impact on his health; therefore, he must take precautions. And if you also want to know what your health looks like in the upcoming year, you can access your Free Health and Fitness Horoscope 2023.