Narendra Modi Horoscope – Brave and Serious 2021!

narendra modi horiscope

Today, we are talking about the current Indian Prime Minister of India, Honourable Shri Narendra Modi. Coming from a small family where his father had a tea stall in Vadnagar, helping his family since childhood. He fought through the adversities and became Chief Minister of Gujarat and then Prime Minister of India for two consecutive years.

So what makes him so special? Let’s reveal with the help of Vedic Astrology.

Narendra Modi Horoscope By Date of Birth

Narendra Modi Date of Birth: Sept. 17, 1950.
Time of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Mehsana

Narendra Modi BirthChart

narendra modi kundali

As per Narendra Modi horoscope, having Saturn as Atmakaraka makes him a very serious and practical-minded person. Saturn brings amazing administrative skills, which really helped in his political career too. Not to forget that Saturn is placed in the sign of Leo, which again brings leadership quality at its best, and we are not surprised that he is currently Prime Minister of India. Venus is an Amatyakaraka, and it is also placed in the Leo, which makes him a very majestic and creative person too. Leo Venus also adds energy to taskmaster Saturn and adds fuel to the fire. He is blessed to have very auspicious Budh Aditya Yoga, which also brings name and fame with true intelligence. Don’t forget that his Mercury is exalted too, which again adds fuel to the fire.

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What The Year 2021 Year Holds For Him

As per Narendra Modi kundli, Saturn transit in earthy Capricorn will make him change his path for future progress too. His enemies might create trouble for him, but he may be able to overcome it. Benefic Jupiter also brings more stability in this year, and as he may be more innovative for future progress too. Mercury transit will bring new development ideas, and this year it might be bolder. He might be more aggressive, too, and pandemic scenarios may bring another new rule from him.

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Prime Ministers Health During Pandemic

The 2021 year will give very good results in health-related matters as per Modi kundli. Jupiter transit in Aquarius is very good for health, and any major health issue may start reducing. He might plan different health routines, too. Mars transit in Virgo will be very beneficial for health, and it may bring a very good immunity power, too. His energy may be good, and he may be more active and dynamic.

Wealth Prospects For Him

Transit on Venus throughout the natal chart will trigger special wealth generation sources, especially in Libra and Capricorn. Mars transit will also make him bolder in wealth prospects too, and its transit in Scorpio over the natal Moon and Mars create new monetary gains too. Moreover, he is going through Moon mahadasha and Sun antardasha, which also helps him to earn more wealth and new energy in his life too.

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New India Under Narendra Modi

2021 year will be a completely new year for him in terms of the future development of India. This year shows more planning and strategies. Beneficial Jupiter transit in Aquarius may bring new foreign connections too. Rahu transit in Taurus would be more resourceful in the approach to the material world. He might be very practical too. Ketu transit in Scorpio will also give him a more detailed approach towards all his work too.

As per Narendra Modi astrology, we can see more bold decisions from him, which will surely help for future development, especially after the pandemic. More health-related new laws might also come up, and new safety regulations may be strengthened now with the help of taskmaster Saturn transit. Most of the decisions would be long-lasting and beneficial too.

We wish Narendra Modi a very Happy Birthday and a good year ahead!

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