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Bloodshed and disruption to continue in Egypt

Bloodshed and disruption to continue in Egypt

Egypt Crisis


Egypt is currently under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and Mercury Bhukti.
Saturn is the Lord of 10th house retrograde in the 6th house in the star of Mars. Mercury is 6th house Lord and placed in the 3rd house. The 6th house signifies Armed forces and military. In D-10 chart, Mercury is afflicted by Rahu and Mars. It indicates huge trouble in Egypt. The Saturn-Mercury period indicates military takeover in Egypt last month. Strong Mars in the 3rd house of Egypt’s foundation chart indicates that the country has always been in the strong grip of military rulers.

Currently the transiting Mars is in Cancer in conjunction with natal Ketu. The transiting Saturn and Rahu are passing through the 7th house of war. Hence there is every possibility of untoward happenings, fierce clashes and war like situation. Egypt is likely to get involved in such activities by external and internal sources both. The transiting Sun will conjunct natal retrograde Saturn in after 17th September. So,the Egyptian rulers will be facing tremendous internal and external pressure to bring back normalcy in the country. However, there is hardly an indication of anything normal. The Army may continue tighten the grip over the administration. The following Ketu Bhukti starting from 4th May 2015 will also cause severe disruptions within the country. The possibility for Egypt to return to normalcy are very feeble till June 2016. Egypt is passing through a very decisive phase and the events that will happen till June 2016 may totally reshape the country.

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