Predictions Why Charanjit Singh Channi May Get The Seats, But Not the Government!

Why Charanjit Singh Channi May Get The Seats, But Not the Government!

After the former CM Captain Amrinder Singh resigned from the post in September 2021, Charanjit Singh Channi was made the CM of Punjab. In less than six months of holding office, Punjab Elections 2022 (to be held on Feb 14, 2022) have come knocking on the door. No doubt, the latter will have to go through a tough trial to win over the voters.

Not only external factors, but his own party is also throwing some challenges at him. Since day one, the president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), Navjot Singh Sidhu, has criticised the CM. Recently, Charanjit Singh Channi was also under the heat due to the controversy regarding the security of PM Narendra Modi in Punjab.

Will the first Dalit Sikh Chief Minister of Punjab succeed in holding onto his position and keep the party in rule, or something else is brewing up? Let’s look at the stars to see where Punjab Elections 2022 stand. And before we dive deep, if you want to have a look at how planets are shaping your life, you can access your Free Janampatri online!


Born on March 1, 1963, in Chamkaur Sahib, Sun makes an incredibly favourable conjunction with Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. This is a fortunate combination for CM Channi. It makes him full of optimism and also brings wealth to his life.

This lucky combination also makes him a scholar, but an egoistic one at that! His being a successful public figure is also not a mere coincidence. When the Sun and Jupiter are together, it takes you to a better position in social life, and people are likely to behave positively towards you.

Politically, it helps him in forming and maintaining great relationships with other leaders and political figures. But can this conjunction alone make him win in the Punjab Elections 2022?

It’s always astonishing how the planets balance a horoscope. While we sing laurels about the great effects of Jupiter and Sun together, a Rahu Mangal Angarak Dosh rears its head! More than bad events, this combination is responsible for unpredictable phenomena.

This simply means: that either you can get abundance, or it can tank you completely. If you think you are also suffering from a similar unpredictable situation, you can get a Free Vedic Remedy Suggestion here, based on your planets!

This combination in CM Channi’s horoscope, on the one hand, can give Charanjit Singh Channi a mind that has independent thoughts, but on the other hand, it can make him stubborn in his views. Angarak Dosh may also be the reason behind the sudden controversies in CM Channi’s way. Case in point: the recent controversy with the PM’s security.

Though he has only been CM of Punjab for less than six months, a strong Saturn with Venus and Mercury tells us that he is a seasoned strategist. This can help him in beating his opposition.

However, Ketu’s presence in his chart can misguide him into a wrong decision. Add to this a loner Moon who is not neighboured by any planet in the chart, and there’s a good possibility that CM can be indecisive at times!

A supportive combination of Jupiter and Sun, with some unpredictability of Rahu and Mars, and Ketu and Moon’s awkward positioning. With this mix, it is, indeed, tough to say what lies ahead for CM Channi.

That’s why we take a look at the planets at the time of elections and see how they interact with Charanjit Singh Channi’s planets. A big transit of Saturn is indicating some big changes in his life. Jupiter will be hosted by Aquarius, which is also a good sign for him. Which Sign is good for you? Find out now with a Free Sun Sign Compatibility Report.

Saturn transiting over the Big 4 in his chart can get him into arguments with members of his party. Rahu’s transit over his natal Moon is not helping him either. After April 2022, he may also face opposition from within Congress.

Some good, some bad, Charanjit Singh Channi’s planets are painting the same picture when he came to power: turbulent times. He is likely to get a good number of seats, but the results may not be in his favour! Unpredictable is the name of the game, with Charanjit Singh Channi.

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