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This Tiger looks set to win the race, says Ganesha for Ek tha Tiger

This Tiger looks set to win the race, says Ganesha for Ek tha Tiger

This Tiger looks set to win the race, says Ganesha for Ek tha Tiger.

Blend the feisty chemistry of Bollywood’s most sizzling on-screen couple with the ardent artistry of a living legend and a nerve-wrecking, blood-boiling, controversial plot. What will you get shall truly be spectacular! And, that is what makes the much-anticipated, much-awaited Hindi film Ek tha Tiger really special.

In this one, Tiger Salman Khan features in what’s being touted as a role-of-the-lifetime in this Yash Chopra magnum opus opposite the very gorgeous Katrina Kaif. Most of the movie has been completed post the ex-couple’s famous break-up, and is based on an Indian spy’s real-life story. The expectations naturally are supremely high from Salman’s near-Id release, and the amazing music score and splendid teasers have only added to the eager wait. What really lies ahead for this movie that promises to be an epic, cult film? Ganesha looks at its ‘release time chart’ to find out more.

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Ek Tha Tiger’s release time chart
(Bollywood territory)

  • Venus and Moon are placed in the 10th House of the ‘release time chart’ of Ek tha Tiger.
  • Saturn is exalted in the 2nd House of finances, placed with Mars, which is in its detrimental sign
  • Rahu is well placed in the 3rd House.
  • The 12th House signifying the foreign lands/ distant places has the Lord Sun placed with Ascendant as well as the 10th Lord Mercury.
  • In Samudaya Ashtakvarga chart, there are 24 auspicious Bindus in the 10th House of Karma/success, and 30 Auspicious Bindus in the 11th House of gains.
  • Lord of the 7th House Jupiter is placed with Ketu.

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  • Considering all the aforementioned points, Ganesha strongly feels that Ek tha Tiger is going to receive very warm welcome
  • We can expect the movie to run in full theatres in major territories, especially in the Northern belt.
  • Film’s overseas business may turn out to be exceptional.
  • As the 7th House’s Lord Jupiter is placed with Ketu, competition shall not affect Ek Tha Tiger’s business adversely. On the contrary, competitors should remain wary and if need be, change their release date, because Ek Tha Tiger’s release time chart is very strong.
  • However, there will be at least one strong competitor, who may create a psychological pressure on the film’s business, because Saturn, the Lord of the 6th House that signifies enemies is exalted. (The competition may be come in the form of any other major release, which may even be a forthcoming Hollywood film.)
  • Despite the slight chances of the film facing competition, Tiger looks all set to win the race, predicts Ganesha.

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Good luck, and may Lord Ganesha bless the cast and crew of Ek Tha Tiger for success of the movie at box office.

Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team