Shahrukh to only get better with time, predicts Ganesha, on actor's 46th birthday



name is Khan - Shahrukh Khan; like wine, he only gets better with
time! Considered one among the world's most successful film stars,
the greatest Bollywood Khan - Shahrukh will celebrate his birthday
on 2nd
November. Though now on the latter side of the 40s, this Baadshah of
Hindi film industry is still considered as the reigning romantic and
drama actor of our contemporary cinema. And how he made it to the top
is no more a 'paheli'. The talented actor who initiated his career
with television soon honed himself to perfection as a fine Bollywood
name, given his hard work, dedication and perseverance. Actor cum
producer cum stunt director, Shahrukh will be completing silver
jubilee of 75 films in the coming year. The number and his intriguing
popularity speak volumes about his work, not only in the past, but
also about his upcoming projects.

Ganesha predicts, Shahrukh may soon be seen flaunting a salt and
pepper hair-do, donning a role that suits his age. Although he may
take a break for a while, nothing would deter him from going on
acting - his first love. Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic
Astrology about King Khan's 46th


November, 1965

hours 30 Min.




  • Shahrukh
    Khan is born with Venus in Sagittarius in the 5th
    House of performance.

  • Mars is Swagruhi (in its own sign).

  • Sun
    is debilitated, but gives exalted aspect to the 9th
    House of luck.

  • Retrograde
    Saturn is placed in the 7th
    House, and he is under the influence of Saturn major period.

  • Shahrukh Khan will enter Rahu Ketu half return phase in
    second half of 2011.


  • Ganesha
    observes that Saturn is in Aquarius in the 7th
    House of public image, and it is retrograde in its own sign.
    Shahrukh will become more choosy about the roles he plays during the
    year and also in the years to come, because of Shani Dasha, and that
    will actually be better for his career.

  • As always, he will play myriad roles that offer variety
    of shades. However during Shani Dasha, we may even find him playing
    a role of an aged character. Performing such challenging roles will
    give him a lot of fame.

  • Period from December 2010 to March 2011 is favourable
    for him for new projects, big screen or small screen appearances

  • Between June 2011 and end of 2012, Shahrukh might need
    to take a short term break from his career; he will either take rest
    or will go on a vacation. During this period, he will become more
    introspective. This process of self examination will uplift him
    spiritually too. But he may not share every thought with the public,
    rather would keep these things to himself.

  • In second half of 2011, he will have to be very careful
    of physical injury. There may be health issues due to Rahu's transit
    over Natal Mars. Health must be taken care of.

  • He will travel a lot during the year ahead.

  • Ganesha
    feels that during Shani Dasha, which has already begun and
    specifically during the year ahead, Shahrukh Khan's equations with
    business partners or with his friends may change. Even business
    partnerships may dissolve, because natal Saturn is retrograde in the

  • Shahrukh will become more idealistic during the year

  • As Mercury sub period in major period of Saturn begins
    in March 2011, he might also get into writing or publication.

  • During the year ahead, he may not wish to do many
    projects, but characters that he will play would be more interesting
    and challenging.

All the best, says Ganesha to the mega star Shahrukh

Ganesha's Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team