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Selmon Bhoi Video Game: A Win for Salman Khan

Selmon Bhoi Video Game: A Win for Salman Khan

Salman Khan took the matters to the court regarding a game on the Google Play Store named ‘Selmon Bhoi’. The court, to his relief, ordered to remove the said game from the platform. The game was reportedly based on the 2004 hit and run case of Salman Khan. For the last several years, Salman Khan has been trapped in many court cases. However, he has come out of it, too. Let’s see what the stars of Salman Khan have to say.

Salman Khan was born on Dec 27, 1965, in Indore. According to his Surya Kundli, Sun and Guru are in this aspect. One can say that arrogance comes from there. The same planets give him the humility to be immediately polite, too! Whenever he gets into any legal issues, the Sun is there to support him. The conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Moon makes Salman Khan a bit emotional. At present, Ketu is transiting over this conjunction in the horoscope. His emotions may turn into anger during this time. Shani Mahadasha since 2004 is going on in Salman Khan’s Kundli. For him, it has been a difficult time since 2004 regarding legal issues. It is likely to continue till 2023.

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