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Ganesha pays homage to the legendary actor, director Dev Anand.

Ganesha pays homage to the legendary actor, director Dev Anand.

It’s not everyday that you come across colourful, inspiring actors like Prem Pujari Dev Anand. A truly magnificent, irrepressible, evergreen actor and a
thorough gentleman, he has contributed what very few have to the Hindi film industry. Be it the Gregory Peck suave looks, an inimitable, vivacious style or his kaleidoscopic performances in the soulful movies he did or made, he always stood out.

Not the one to stick to doing set, cliched roles in run-of-the-mill movies, he featured in a wide array of roles, including as a lovable romantic in Tere
Ghar ke Saame 
to a goon in Kala Bazaar to the stylish, drool-worthy cop in Jewel Thief and CID. His performances as the confused-in-life Raju guide turned Guruji in Guide or the broken, misplaced soldier in much-loved Hum Dono are unmatchable. It’s not for nothing that the industry has sung paeans for
years for this Hare Rama Hare Krishna staractor, director and producer.

Industry and millions of reverent fans lost this young-at-heart, charismatic talent spotter on 2nd December 2011 to the cruel hands of death. It’s a void that can’t ever be filled. And, it’s tragic that the man who made such lovely cinema for India, the one who pledged that he will keep entertaining the people of India till he breathes, breathed his last on foreign shores.

As a way of paying homage to this great soul, Ganesha, by employing Vedic Astrology, reads the natal chart of Dev Anand Sahab to see what made him the legendary man and actor he was. Read ahead to find out.

26th September 1923
Time of Birth: 9.30am
Place of birth: Gurdaspur, Punjab, India

Dev Anand’s Horoscope


  • Dev Anand was born to be famous as Lord of the Ascendant Venus although is posited in the 12th House in its sign of debilitation. And, its debilitation gets cancelled because it is posited with exalted Mercury.
  • Venus becomes Swagruhi in the Navmansha chart.
  • Moon in Pisces made him creative. Libra Ascendant and Venus’ Neech Bhang lead him to the film industry. It is to be noted that the same combination is present in Amitabh Bachchan’s chart in the 8th House. Retrograde Mercury in the sign of exaltation is placed with debilitated Venus cancelling Venus’ debilitation.
  • Jupiter’s presence in the Ascendant is also very promising. Director’s role is to ‘guide’ the actors and technical team as well. Powerful Jupiter offers good directorial ability.
  • Stellium of planets in Virgo makes him workaholic. This was the driving force, says Ganesha. Stellium of four planets including Sun, Venus, Saturn and retrograde Mercury has kept him active all through his life.
  • ‘Navketan’ produced its first film Afsar in 1951 when Dev Anand was under the influence of Venus major period and Rahu sub period. Venus is prime significator of arts and Rahu is in Venus’ Constellation! What a perfect astrological symmetry!! It is to be noted that the film was based on Nikolai Gogol’s play and it was remade under the name of Saheb Bahadur in 1977.
  • During Venus Dasha Dev Anand and Suraiya’s affair was also on, but as Venus Dasha faded, the relationship took a different turn.
  • See how planets work even if they are in the 12th Hhouse. During Venus Dasha and Mercury Bhukti in 1958 Dev Anand received Filmfare Award for the Best Actor for ‘Kala-Pani’
  • Sun is in its own Constellation in Dev Sahab’s chart, and during Sun major period in 1966 ‘Guide’ received Filmfare Award for the Best Film of the year.
  • Born with a predominant earth element, Dev Anand was very practical. His co-workers always used to appreciate his hard work to conceive and execute a particular shot/scene. As a director he followed on the lines of his brother, Vijay Anand, absolutely non compromising and stringent. At the same time, the same predominant earth element gave him a pragmatic approach towards work. He liked being unconventional and that’s visible in all the talent spotting he managed. He introduced some of the most ravishing faces of the Indian film industry including Zeenat Aman and Tina Munim.
  • Thanks to Venus in Neech Bhang, he had a wonderful sense in music.

  • There is a rule of astrology that says that a person cannot die unless in Dasha or Bhuktis some planet concerning to/connected with Ascendant is operating. The range is little wider, it can be Ascendant Lord, ruler of the sign in which Ascendant Lord is posited. Cuspal Sub Lord or Nakshatra Lord of the Ascendant or planet posited in the Ascendant. One of these or more would be involved at the moment of person’s death because first House i.e. Ascendant signifies ‘self’.
  • At the moment of death, Dev Anand was under the influence of following Dasha Sequence. Let’s see how Ascendant related rule mentioned above applies here.
  1. Jupiter major period: Jupiter is placed in the Ascendant
  2. Sub period of Venus : Venus is the Ascendant Lord
  3. Sub sub period of Jupiter : Jupiter is placed in the Ascendant
  4. Sub sub sub period of Moon : Rules the Constellation in which Ascendant Lord Venus is placed
  5. Sub sub sub sub period of Rahu : Ascendant is ruled by Rahu’s Constellation Swati

This explanation indicates that the rule mentioned above regarding death really works.

Ganesha pays homage to Dev Anand Sahab, a wonderful actor, director and producer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team