Divya Agrawal Named The Winner of Bigg Boss OTT

Divya Agrawal Named The Winner of Bigg Boss OTT

Divya Agarwal, 28, was crowned the champion of Bigg Boss OTT’s first season on Saturday, Sept 18. Divya has previously worked on MTV reality shows such as Splitsvilla 10 and Roadies: Real Heroes. She was a guest in the house of Bigg Boss in 2017. However, she won the first OTT season of this programme. Let’s see what Surya kundli has to say about her.

Divya Agrawal’s Surya Kundli

Divya Agrawal was born on Dec 4, 1992, in Mumbai, and her Surya Kundli contains the planets Saturn, Venus and a favourable transit of Jupiter. As a result of this coincidence, Divya was given the opportunity to appear on Bigg Boss OTT. In terms of Divya’s career, the next three months may bring her new opportunities.

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However, 2022 may be an ordinary year for her, with some excellent possibilities and challenges. Although, many positive milestones in his career may come with the arrival of 2023. At this time, there will be a Jupiter transit in her horoscope’s moon, which can be described as very beneficial for her.

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