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U. B. Pravin Rao Will Fast Track Infosys Ltd’s Growth, Predicts Ganesha

U. B. Pravin Rao Will Fast Track Infosys Ltd’s Growth, Predicts Ganesha

If we go by the latest revenue figures, Infosys Ltd is a huge multi national corporation and the second-largest Indian IT services company. Thus, the developments which take place in this organisation hold big importance for India and the world. This is all the more true as numerous people have made investments in Infosys Ltd. The resignation of company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vishal Sikka in August 2017 and the appointment of U. B. Pravin Rao as an interim CEO and Managing Director (MD) on August 18, 2017, points to some larger issues which have been happening within Infosys Ltd. These developments are unlikely to disturb the revenue generation of Infosys Ltd. But will your business get the boost as well? Buy the 2023 Business Report and know the future of your business.

While reasons like deterioration in company’s work culture (under Sikka), ego clashes, etc are being attributed to Sikka’s exit, the big question doing the rounds is how will the new interim CEO U. B. Pravin Rao manage the show for the time being. Ganesha has analysed the kundali of the time when U. B. Pravin Rao took over as CEO and MD of Infosys Ltd. Ganesha has peeped into his future using the astrological method, here are the findings:

Event Kundali of U. B. Pravin Rao

Date of taking over: 18th August 2017

Time of taking over: Unknown

Place of taking over: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Surya Kundli


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Sun is the Lord of the first house in the event kundali of U. B. Pravin Rao. This points to growth and development in the activities of Infosys Ltd, in the time to come. The employees will demonstrate solidarity and will double their efforts in this hour of need. The tasks which Infosys Ltd will commence during this period will surely achieve success. Sun’s position ushers in a phase of overall prosperity for the organisation and well-being for its employees.

However, the conjunct of Mars and Rahu in the 12th house of the event chart does not bode well for the relationship shared between the management and the employees. In other words, they won’t share a healthy or cordial relationship. This position of Mars and Rahu in the 12th house will deliver negative and difficult prospects. As Mars and Rahu are severely afflicted, the effects are bound to be really bad on the respective front. This position of Mars and Rahu will compel the management to take stern steps to quell and subdue the agitations of the workers. In the event of Mars and Rahu getting afflicted with negative influences, the wrong and the deceptive activities become more intense.

Besides, Jupiter is placed in the second house of the horoscope. This position shows adding of wealth through the profits generated by the company. The position indicates that the company will be able to improve its financial position in a big manner. This good performance by the company will attract bankers and other financial institutions to the company and they will be very much willing to lend a helping hand to the development and expansion activities of the company. The finances of Infosys Ltd are going to surge. Do you want your finances to rise? Get the Free 2023 Finance Report and make a difference to your financial situation.

On the whole, this is a good time for investors. Ganesha feels that the well thought out strategic decisions taken by U.B. Pravin Rao will put Infosys on a trajectory of fast growth and development.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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