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‘The Nano’ vs ‘Maruti 800’-Numerological Comparison

‘The Nano’ vs ‘Maruti 800’-Numerological Comparison

A man with Heart of Gold- Ratan Tata has announced the launch of ‘The Nano’ in September 2008 and he says ‘Promise is a promise’. This car will be as cheap as 1 lac 25 thousand, affordable even to lower and higher middle classes. Astrologically, it is very interesting to note that in 1984 when transiting Jupiter was passing through Sagittarius ‘Maruti 800’ was launched. ‘The Nano’ is also likely to be launched while transiting Jupiter will be in Sagittarius.There is a quest in the market whether ‘The Nano’ will beat ‘Maruti 800’ or not? Ganesha presents a Numerological study to demystify this quest.

Numerological total of Maruti 800 as per Chaldean Numerology is 8, ruled by Saturn. Powerful Saturn’s influence indicates strong business instinct and leads the business to success. Maruti has endured because of strong influence of Number 8 in it’s name, says Ganesha.

Numerological total of the name The Nano is 32 = 5. Now, first Ganesha would throw light on this compound number 32. Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and 2 is ruled by positive Moon. In Astrology whenever Jupiter conjuncts Moon, it is called ‘Gaj Kesri Yog’ which is very powerful as a Yoga. Ganesha applies the same rule here and states that The Nano is surely going to have a good start and there may be lot of overbooking too. No doubt it is going to be successful. However, going deep down into the total of 32, we get Number 5 ruled by Mercury. This planet is smaller in size, so the car is. Moreover, 5 indicates instability. So, this car may have some bugs which may be rectified by the company at a later stage after the launch, says Ganesha. Mercury is ‘Yuvraj’ of Solar System and therefore, many young users might buy this car. The Nano may have very small parts which may need to be replaced often or over a period of time. Ganesha also states that this car will be very useful for short distance travels as Mercury rules it but for long distance tour, it may not be very useful.

Ganesha strongly feels that although ‘The Nano’ may have tremendous opening and initial response and even if it crosses the selling of Maruti 800 at a very later stage, Maruti 800’s Numerological strength ruled by Saturn indicates that The Nano may not hamper Maruti 800’s progress in any case. Maruti Udhyog will not have to be frightened of this competition. Of course, Maruti will be affected to some extent but not to a very great extent in the long run and it will still stand in the market. Maruti 800 may also come up with cheaper products at a later stage, feels Ganesha.

Ganesha wishes good luck to The Nano and Maruti 800 both.However, all these remedies should be done only after consulting an expert astrologer.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team