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Tata Sky Binge OTT Predictions: New Player in Entertainment Industry

Tata Sky Binge OTT Predictions: New Player in Entertainment Industry

OTT platforms (Over The Top) have brought a wave of entertainment for everyone across the world. To the extent that we have shut the door to our social life, going out to work, mingling with people. When the world had come to a standstill, binging on these OTT platforms was our mode of survival. Netflix and Amazon were the pioneers of the OTT platform; they were already there in the market way before. Amazon also has made a deal with MGM recently.

But owing to the year 2020 and rapid changes coming up, many other apps have emerged like sony liv, zee5 etc. The latest one to join the list of unlimited binge OTT apps is Tata Sky binge OTT. But Tata Sky Binge OTT is not like the other OTT platform. It is a service that offers binge OTT apps. At the same time, we talk about tata binge OTT vs others. It is a premium concept introduced in India. What makes binge OTT India set apart from the other apps is that Tata Sky BINGE has 1-year access to 10 premium Apps to see all your trending TV shows.

As per astrology, current Aquarius Jupiter has its aspect at planet Mars (5th-monetary gain & 10th-business house lord). Since it has a whole part, it will protect Tata Sky BINGE. No doubt current Mars & Saturn will give some troubling time up to July 20, 2021, Mars & up to October 11, 2021, Saturn will make Tata Sky struggle a bit.

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Tata Sky Founded Date: August 10, 2006
Place (Headquarters): Santa Cruz (Mumbai)

tata sky binge kundli

With the help of the above solar chart, let us go ahead and determine if Tata Sky BINGE OTT would be a success or not:

As per the solar chart of Tata Sky, Cancer is the ascendant. Planets Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Venus are in Cancer Sign. Mars is in Leo Sign, Ketu is in Virgo Sign, Jupiter is in Libra Sign, Moon is in Aquarius sign, and planet Rahu is in Pisces Sign.

As per the current transit, planet Mars is transiting on planets Sun, Mercury, Venus & Saturn in Cancer Sign, Ketu is in the Scorpio sign, Rahu & Mercury are in Taurus Sign, Saturn is in Capricorn sign, Jupiter is in Aquarius Sign, ascendant lord planet Moon, Sun & Venus are in Gemini Sign.

As per the solar chart of Tata Sky Libra Sign, Jupiter of Swati Nakshatra has its complete aspect on the tenth house (business house) and ascendant lord planet moon with the fifth aspect. Moreover, current Jupiter is transiting on ascendant lord planet Moon & has its part on planet Mars (10th house lord) & planet Jupiter (9th – destiny house lord).

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Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo Signs, and Jupiter are protecting Tata Sky BINGE in the coming time. Therefore Tata Sky Binge future is bright!

Tata Sky Binge OTT is compared with its competitors Airtel XStream and has been found to be more expensive to them, and both have been offering similar services. They are both based on Android OS, so youtube, Netflix and everything can be played. According to the solar chart of Tata Sky & current transit after October 2022. Times are perfect for Tata Sky. Jupiter of Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo signs will be protected with Jupiter.

Tata Sky Binge is a better option since its Binge service bundles all these subscriptions for you at a very cheap monthly cost.

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