Planets say, “Stay Alert!” to the Stock Market enthusiasts, in the month of March

With the new month, the planetary alignment is on the verge of changing. In fact quite a few changes took place in the last week of February itself. The retrograde Jupiter entered its last phase recently, and soon it shall turn direct. Mercury started it retrograde motion on 23rd February 2013. Sun and Mars will form Angarak Yoga from 15th March onwards. Plus, last week itself, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Mars went combust. This planetary alignment indicates that the market would experience jumps on the upside, creating a wave-like graph. However, there is nothing to worry. In fact, Ganesha is hopeful about the period from 1st March to 22nd March 2013, and even beyond it.

The Union Budget was presented on 28th February 2013. This calls for acute alertness, and a thorough analysis, or you may end up holding onto weak stock all throughout. After going through the Budget details, you are advised to enter into delivery-based transactions related to Transformers, Kalindee Rail, Texmaco, Kernex Microsystems, Stone India, Nelco, Titagarh Wagons, Bartronics India, Concor, Hind Rectifiers, Siemens and Gateway Distripark. You may also seek expert advice on this.

Ganesha also warns you about the period post 27th March 2013. From 27th March, Mars will be combust, and both the planets – Mars and Venus – currently posited with the Sun shall lose their strength somewhat. The Yearly weightage in Nifty may not be good at this time, even though, there may be some amount of support from the Monthly weightage.

The sectors, which look set to get a direct benefit from the Union Budget 2013-14 include – Fertilizers, Pesticides and Agriculture , Telecom, Infrastructure and Real Estate, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals etc.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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