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Reliance Power IPO to climb upwards after November 2008

Reliance Power IPO to climb upwards after November 2008

The listing of Reliance Power IPO, which was awaited eagerly,turned out to be a nightmare for small investors because it ended below its issue price. Thousands of investors subscribed to the Reliance Power IPO in the hope of booking quick profits. While the issue price was Rs. 450, it opened at Rs. 530 but declined soon after closing at Rs.372 on National Stock Exchange creating a dent in their net investment.

Astrological Analysis:

The company was incorporated on 17-01-95 as Bawana Power Pvt. Ltd., name changed to Reliance Delhi Power Pvt. Ltd. to Reliance E. Gen Pvt. Ltd. to Reliance Energy Generation Pv. Ltd. to Reliance Energy Generation Ltd. to Reliance Power Ltd. with effect from 4th July 07.

Looking at Sun chart, there is Capricorn rising Ascendant. Saturn is posited in 2nd house. Jupiter is posited with Venus in 11th house. Rahu is in 10th house and Moon is in Cancer. Retrograde Mars is in Leo sign. Here Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus are Vargottam planets.

Ganesha had predicted that the favorable time for Listing Muhurata of this IPO was Post Diwali, around 15th November, 2008, Labhpanchmi Day, which is considered to be the most auspicious day, especially in Gujarat. But due to certain reasons, the top management had postponed the Listing Muhurata.

The IPO has been launched during the retrogression of Mercury and Saturn. As per company’s natal chart, Saturn is ruled as Ascendant and Mercury is ruled as Lord of sixth and ninth house.

What Next?
Ganesha says that Investors will have to wait until the price hits its listing price. When Saturn will have stationary motion after retrogression in Leo with 07:41:58, during first quarter of May 2008, company’s prices shall climb upwards. Ganehsa foresees Reliance Power with good future after November 2008.

Ganesha wishes all the traders and investors all the luck.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,