Mars Transit 2017: Mars In Leo – Know How Will It Impact Your Life

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Dates For Mars Transit :

Starts: 27 August 2017
Ends: 13 October 2017

Mars In Leo: An Overview 

Mars is regarded as a very important planet in Hindu religion. It is also considered highly significant in Indian Vedic Astrology. Everything becomes 'Mangal' (Auspicious) by just uttering the name of this planet, which signifies power and energy. Many times, Mars creates 'Mangal Dosh' in our birth chart, and forms unfavourable yog for us. Till the time Mars is inactive in our horoscope, our body is without energy and just like a dead body. Hence, Mars also represents life energy.

Mars will enter Leo sign on 27 August 2017 at 8:28 am and thus form a combination with Sun and Mercury. Besides, Mars will remain to combust till 18 September 2017 and then continue to transit in Leo sign till 13 October 2017. This transit is going to impact the lives of people across the world. It is bound to influence the lives of everyone. We should know about these changes to be aware and empowered. 

Following are the effects of Mars transit in Leo sign on various signs: 

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.] 

Mars Transit 2017: Mars In Leo – Predictions for The 12 Moon Signs

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Aries 

- Mars In The 5th House

For Aries natives, Mars is Lord of your sign and also the Mooltrikona sign. Mars will now transit in the 5th house from your sign, which is unfavourable for the well-being of your children and indicates an accident or illness. Differences with beloved and failure in love relationships are likely as per Mars in Leo 2017. Students must remain focused on their studies, as some disturbances are foreseen. Besides, you may take some reckless decisions, which could adversely affect your work. Also, avoid taking hasty decisions and drive cautiously, says Ganesha. Sometimes we face strange issues in life. Are you facing any such issue in your life? If yes, buy the Ask Any Question Report and get a rich guidance


Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Taurus 

- Mars In The 4th House

For Taurus natives, Mars will transit in the 4th house from your sign and thus cause some unfavourable events. Issues regarding your house and property are foreseen according to Mars in Leo 2017. Some difficulties or losses and family problems are also indicated. Especially take care of your health, as you are likely to suffer from fever, blood disorders and chest diseases. Moreover, you may remain disheartened and upset. And, your mother may also face some trouble. Relationships offer us the enrichment and the base. Are you facing any relationship issues in your life? Access the Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report and know the steps you should take to sort out your problems


Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Gemini  

- Mars In The 3rd House

For Gemini natives, Mars will transit in the 3rd house from your sign, and thus provide very good results as per Mars in Leo 2017. Moreover, as Mars is the significator of the 3rd house, it becomes highly favourable therein, says Ganesha. You will now undertake adventurous activities and defeat your enemies. Development in your personality and rationality is also indicated. You will now meet reputed people and gain through your friends. But, especially avoid practical differences with your brothers and friends. Financial gains, particularly due to metal or related business are foreseen. Stars have predicted financial gains for you. However, if you are interested to make the best use of your prospects, then take the 2017 Finance Report

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Cancer  

- Mars In The 2nd House

For Cancer natives, Mars will transit in the 2nd house from your sign. Hence, family related problems, financial losses, eye pain and hurdles in studies are indicated. You may also speak or behave angrily according to Mars in Leo 2017. Avoid arguments as it may strain your relationship. Acidity in your body might increase, thus eat sattvic food and also control your diet. We need to be happy and successful in life. And for this, a good marriage is a pre-requisite. Do you have any marriage related issues? You can sort them out with our Marriage Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Leo  

- Mars In The 1st House

For Leo natives, Mars will transit in their own sign, and thus form an amazing Lakshmi Yog. Financial gains and starting new activities are indicated. You will now get new ideas and feel more courageous, adventurous and energetic. But, sometimes you may become very aggressive, angry, furious and remain confused. Besides, there are chances of fever, accident, injury by falling down, or due to fire, electric shock or weapons. The rise in conflicts, arguments and enmity with people are indicated. Acidity and heat in your body may also increase. Actually, Mars will be highly effective, as Leo sign belongs to fire element as per Mars in Leo 2017. Stars have predicted good financial gains for you. If you are curious about your future, buy the 2017 Finance Report. You will get to know about your financial situation as it will unfold in future. 

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Virgo  

- Mars In The 12th House

For Virgo natives, Mars will transit in the 12th house from your sign, which will especially cause family problems and disagreements/conflicts between husband-wife. You may also lose beneficial opportunities you had already received. Moreover, trouble through employees, failure in legal matters, differences with brothers-sisters, defamation and health issues are indicated. Besides, you may have to stay away from your home due to some work according to Mars in Leo 2017. There are many chances of eye and heat related ailments. Thus take adequate precautions, says Ganesha. Stars have predicted that you may face difficulties at workplace. But you can sort out these prospective problems. You need to buy the 2017 Career Report and get guided for a glorious future

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Libra  

- Mars In The 11th House

For Libra natives, Mars will transit in the 11th house from your sign, and hence provide financial growth, gains and good health. The rise in sources of income and your earnings are foreseen. Family expenses will increase, and some benefits through land are indicated according to the Mars in Leo 2017. Also look forward to receiving good news regarding your children. Family atmosphere will be pleasant. You will succeed in all activities and also win over your enemies & rivals, says Ganesha. In order to raise our financial standards, we need to move ahead in business. We have the means by which you can improve your business prospects. Buy the 2017 Business Report

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Scorpio   

- Mars In The 10th House

For Scorpio natives, Mars will transit in the 10th house from your sign, which will provide mixed results, i.e. both favourable and unfavourable. But, overall you may face hurdles & difficulties in your job and business. There is a possibility of robbery in your house as per Mars in Leo 2017. Moreover, you may remain upset and anxious. Problems regarding your children are also indicated. Besides, this transit of Mars will be troublesome in the initial period, and beneficial in the latter period. Life is about family and relationships. Our life partner or love partner also forms an important part of this. Are you having any doubts in your love life? Get the problem sorted out. Access the Love Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Sagittarius

- Mars In The 9th House

For Sagittarius natives, Mars will transit in the 9th house from your sign. Thus, you will suddenly get some new opportunities. Short trips or going outstation is also foreseen. But, this period may be troublesome for your father according to Mars in Leo 2017. Besides, you will become more adventurous, and act against the religion. Especially avoid differences with your brothers-sisters. However, travelling will be gainful. Life often presents us with conflicting interests. Are you having any query in life? We have the means to address your concern. Get the Ask Any Question Report

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Capricorn     

- Mars In The 8th House

For Capricorn natives, Mars will transit in the 8th house from your sign. Hence, you will face obstacles or difficulties in all activities.  Your reckless speech may cause arguments or quarrels with people. This will also be a challenging period in your job according to Mars in Leo 2017. Drive cautiously, as accidents due to the vehicle are foreseen. Injuries by falling down or getting hurt are likely. You may also suffer from some pain, piles, eye and heat related health issues. Some unexpected problem in your family is indicated. Thus, patiently & peacefully pass your time, and also watch your health. Family expenses are indicated. Pro-active wealth generation is important because we need to preserve our resources. If you are facing problems in your wealth expansion, buy the Wealth Ask a Question Report and get the answer to your difficulties

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Aquarius

- Mars In The 7th House

For Aquarius natives, Mars will transit in the 7th house from your sign. This will cause disharmony in marital life, and arguments or conflicts with the spouse. Disagreement or differences with your business partner are also indicated. You may face some health issues and witness unpleasant incidents in public life according to Mars in Leo 2017. Avoid taking hasty and reckless decisions. Also, postpone starting any new activity or business, else you may have to repent in the future. Besides, you might incur a loss in business, hence remain extra cautious and alert. Control your expenses and avoid unnecessary expenditures, else you may suffer a financial loss. Stars predict difficult times for you in business and finance. Are you concerned about your business growth? You can beat your bad destiny by knowing your future and getting the right guidance. Get the 2017 Business Report

 Mars Transit In Leo 2017 For Pisces       

- Mars In The 6th House

For Pisces natives Mars will transit in the 6th house from your sign, and prove to be highly favourable, says Ganesha. Hence, you will easily accomplish your tasks and taste success in all activities. Health issues will now get resolved and you will thus maintain good health. Moreover, you will mostly recover from chronic ailments and win over your enemies as per Mars in Leo 2017. Legal matters will also get accomplished smoothly. Besides, you will be able to pay-off your debts. Chances of going abroad and gains through land are also foreseen. Are you concerned about your finances? You can remove your problems and increase your gains if you buy the 2017 Finance Report

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Ujjaval Raval & Dharmesh Joshi

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