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Can SME Emerge Index Energise The Indian Stock Market? Know What Ganesha Says

Can SME Emerge Index Energise The Indian Stock Market? Know What Ganesha Says

No economic development can be sustained without total transparency in all its aspects. The same holds true for the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange), the two super engines which are driving India’s growth story. Keeping this goal in mind, NSE IISL (India Index Services & Products Limited) launched the SME Emerge Index on 20th November 2017.

The purpose of this new index is to measure the performance of small and medium enterprises listed on the dedicated NSE platform for small companies. This new index represents about 62 percent of the full market capitalisation of all SMEs listed on the Emerge. Ganesha has analysed the horoscope of SME Emerge Index,(considering its base date as December 1, 2016 as decided by NSE) and predicted its future. Continue reading to know more:

SME Emerge Index
Base Date Of Formation: December 1 2016
Formation Time: 9:15 am
Place of Formation: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Birth Chart

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Sagittarius is rising in the first house. This position reflects the developing conditions for the newly launched SME Emerge Index. The position of Moon in the first house signifies the future of SME Emerge Index. As the Moon is harmonious, an era of fast and favourable growth is foreseen for this new index. Things will be efficient and smooth. It is quite likely that the formation of SME Emerge Index will make the functioning of stock market more efficient. This will also mean more revenues. But are you curious to know the future of your business? Buy the 2023 Business Report and get the right guidance.

Besides, Mercury is in the first house. The presence of Mercury in the first house shows positive developments in the field of trade and commerce. It also makes employees cooperative and they will settle their differences without hassles. Also, as Venus is in the 1st house, the new SME Emerge Index will give good results.

Growth Story Restricted In The Early Phase

Also, Sun and Saturn are in conflict in the House of Loss. This means that the growth of SME Emerge Index won’t be as rapid as it should be in the early phase. The above mentioned planetary position may also create adverse and unpleasant developments as per astrology analysis. The growth of SME Emerge Index may not be that good in the early stage. But you can make your finances surge. You can make this happen if you avail the Free 2023 Finance Report.

This planetary combination (Sun and Saturn in the House of Losses) will create a situation wherein problems like corruption may set in. Thus, in the initial phase, SME Emerge Index may not grow as much as expected and may take time to get going.

On a positive note, Mars is seated in the 2nd house in an exalted position. This position will help maintain a steady inflow of Dollar currency. On the whole, it may take some time for the newly launched SME Emerge Index to establish itself. But as Jupiter is seated in the horoscope, the overall situation will be bright.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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